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Adam Johnson, Katie Price, Chloe Saxon, nude, celebrities, Sunday Sport ,13 March 2016
TEEN-SEX shame footballer Adam Johnson GROPED a glamour girl ex after WRING her to London. Busty Chloe Saxon had been in a three-month relationship with Johnson M 2011 before dumping him over rumours he was seeing Katie Price. But last December the player invited Chloe, 30, to Sunderland FC’s Christmas bash at posh party venue Drama in Park Lane – just weeks before he was due on trial for sex offences against a girl of 15. Chloe, of Sheffield, says she had no idea ho was facing the charges. Johnson funded her trip, including her 8800 suite at the five•star Edition hotel in Fitzrovia. The 36EE stunna said: ‘I thought it would be fun to have a night out. But I made it absolutely clear to him that I wanted my own hotel room. There was absolutely noway I was going to sleep with him. He kept asking me what I was going to wear. He s obsessed with my tattoos, which are on my back and thigh, and was complaining that they wouldn’t be on show. All night Adam was telling the other guys to stay away from me.
DATE ROW: Sophie (above right) dumped Johnson for bidding for a date with Katie
He was all over me. like he was claiming me as his own. He would even follow me to the toilet. “He was drinking loads, downing tequila from the bottle. I was the only woman there. It seemed like he’d brought me to show me off.” At about lam, Chloe and Johnson went back to her hotel room. Chloe said: ‘He was really drunk but I’d only had a couple of glasses of champagne. I wanted to sleep. “Then he got into my bed. I said, ‘No, no, no, you need to go to your own room, right now’. Grabbed -I walked round to the side of the bed to make my point and he put his hand up my dress and grabbed my thigh. I was shocked but managed to pull away. ▪ He said, ‘I just want to see your tattoos’, but I was very firm and told him to get out. He tried to claim he couldn’t walk. I escorted him out and down the corridor. ‘When we reached his door, he grabbed my head and pulled it toward his to try and kiss me. “Our lips touched but I pushed him away and said, ‘No Adam, then walked quickly back to my
room and shut the door. “He texted me several times begging me to come back to his room, telling me I had to stay another night, but I ignored him.” Next morning Chloe now a fashion model. bumped into Johnson and his team-mates in the lobby. He was again “very touchy-feely” and Chloe felt she was being paraded for his pals. She said: “He was making loads of comments about my boobs. telling me to tell everyone what size they were. I also overheard him make a crude remark to one of his friend, behind my back, along the line of, ‘Look at the tits on that’. “I felt very uncomfortable. got away from there as quickly as I could and got the next train back to Sheffield. “He was relentless. It was really bad. If I was younger or didn t know how to look after myself it would have been very frightening. She added: “His behaviour was seedy and perverted.” Johnson is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of sexual activity with a child.
BEFORE getting his collar felt for fingering a teen, Adam Johnson was linked to a string of beautiful women. His long-suffering. now ex-girlfriend Stacey Flounders was forced to listen to countless whispers about his philandering – even though she was the mother of his child. But Johnson’s love of beauties was well-documented before that. In 2010- the year before he met Stacey – he hit headlines when he was dumped by his then-girlfriend Sophie Reade after he publicly bid on Katie Price at a charity auction. Whopping The pair dated for three months and things seemed promising until he took part In the auction in Cheshire. Johnson, who was playing for Manchester City at the time, bid on a date with Katie. aka Jordan, alongside his fellow player Micah Richards. Between them they bid a whopping £12,000 for a date as Katie. who was then married to Alex Reid. promised them “a night you’ll never forger. Straight after the bid was made Big Brother star Sophie was told the news by a mate and while he was still at the event she texted him to say the romance was over. It is unclear whether Johnson ever went on the date with Katie.

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