AGNIESZKA WIELGOSZ Playboy Poland – April 2016

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AGNIESZKA WIELGOSZ, Playboy Poland, April 2016

Sorry, what you doing here? – It is not a question that fell during the session, but the title of the show, which will see a sexy redheaded actress in April. Known among the role of femme fatale in the series First Love Agnieszka Wielgosz promises też.własny spectacle. Rias very happy about it, because she has the fire.

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Lola was born in Odessa as Olga letnik be a diplomat and, together with his family, he went to the base to France, where she grew up Lola. Fascinated by dance girl soon followed to South America. She worked as a model and dancer in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. In all these countries he went to the television – not only as a dancer, but also a juror and leading – progTamy And she gave to persuade our colleagues

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