Alyson Le Borges DELON : earth goddess

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Surely, everyone who drives their 50s, “Who is the handsome actor in the history of cinema?” To the question “Alain Delon” gives the answer. Loss or does not recognize the living legend of French cinema or former lover, timely, is in love with a famous actor. An “inability to eat” status is implied.

But now the handsome actor in the period 78th age, playing all the roles that men were somehow compensated. How is that? Terrific genes, transferring grandchildren …

Himself a full two generations later, his grandson Alyson Le Borges re-emerging in the immense charm, of course, his work. He had not been so handsome, Alyson was also not so beautiful.

Borges was born in 1986. 24-year-old model, whose son Anthony Delon players like himself Delon’l Crazy Horse dancers Marie Helene Le Borges’s youth is the fruit of love.

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