AMOROUS Ardelia Nude Celebrity People Australia – 28 March 2016

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AMOROUS Ardelia,Nude, Celebrity, People Australia , 28 March 2016

We celebrate 20 brilliant brunettes
BLONDES may have more fun, but they’re not always the brightest sparks (we still adore them, but). Brunettes, on the other hand, usually have BIG BRAINS to go with their bountiful beauty. And while we don’t wanna generalise, we suspect
that — unlike your typical blonde — the TWENTY auburn beauties featured in this article CAN hold a conversation in bed for that crucial 15-second period between us blowing our chunky yoghurt and falling asleep. Which means they’re keepers, guys. LSO

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AMOROUS Ardelia has the most perfect baps in inner-city Sydney! And it’s not only us who thinks that – just ask her friendly greengrocer Nick. And he’s not afraid to scream it from the rooftops! It turns out the 21-year-old model likes the attention anyway.
TELL us about your old mate Nick. He sounds like an absolute champion! “Nick’s a 70-something Greek guy who’s been running his store since, like, forever. Any time I’m there buying milk or whatever, he always tells me how wonderful my eyes are…or how lovely my tits look.” That’s a bit forward of him. “I once came in straight off the beach wearing a wet T-shirt and no bra, which nearly gave Nick a heart attack. He kept raving about my boobs being pointy and perfect.” He’s not wrong there! “I get lots of compliments about my nipples and especially my areolae for some reason. Anyway, Nick winked and told me that if he was 40 years youngerwhaha! I think I scored my litre of milk free that day

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