Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti Work It Out In Miami

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Sometimes, I wonder if people aren’t incepting my mind while I sleep and stealing my dreams for their own real world activities. How else to explain sextastic gal pals Anais Zanotti and Ana Braga working out ever so sweaty and stretchy hot in a park in Miami in tiny bikini tops and even tinier cheeky shorts. I can’t begin to tell you the similarities between this scene and a dream I’ve had recurring since the age of middle school. It’s eerie, and so damn hot.

Look somebody has to keep in shape and do the fitness thing and sweat so that the world can be a healthier place. You don’t want to see my tired ass out in the park. No, we all nominate Anais and Ana for the representatives of hot touchy feely body workouts. Long may they reign. And bend over.

anais-zanotti-and-ana-braga-covered-topless-in-bikinis-on-miami-beach-01-580x435 anais-zanotti-and-ana-braga-covered-topless-in-bikinis-on-miami-beach-02-435x580 anais-zanotti-and-ana-braga-covered-topless-in-bikinis-on-miami-beach-03-435x580 anais-zanotti-and-ana-braga-covered-topless-in-bikinis-on-miami-beach-04-435x580 anais-zanotti-and-ana-braga-covered-topless-in-bikinis-on-miami-beach-05-435x580 anais-zanotti-and-ana-braga-covered-topless-in-bikinis-on-miami-beach-06-435x580 anais-zanotti-and-ana-braga-covered-topless-in-bikinis-on-miami-beach-07-435x580 anais-zanotti-and-ana-braga-covered-topless-in-bikinis-on-miami-beach-09-435x580 Anais-Zanotti-and-Ana-Braga-Work-It-Out-In-Miami-0-435x580 Anais-Zanotti-and-Ana-Braga-Work-It-Out-In-Miami-01-580x435 Anais-Zanotti-and-Ana-Braga-Work-It-Out-In-Miami-02-580x435 Anais-Zanotti-and-Ana-Braga-Work-It-Out-In-Miami-03-435x580 Anais-Zanotti-and-Ana-Braga-Work-It-Out-In-Miami-04-580x435 Anais-Zanotti-and-Ana-Braga-Work-It-Out-In-Miami-06-435x580 Anais-Zanotti-and-Ana-Braga-Work-It-Out-In-Miami-07-435x580 Anais-Zanotti-and-Ana-Braga-Work-It-Out-In-Miami-08-435x580