Anastasia Voloçkova the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet of Russia

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nude naked  bare  ) Voloçkova, ballerinas from time to time, and was forced to participate in the country’s oligarchs his great dinners with guests having sex in these environments is expected to do, too fat anlattı.2003 `in` in `allegedly terminated after giving the Bolshoi ballet became famous all over the world,` These girls are being forced to meals, expected either to have sex with those who want to advance said, `he said.

Prima ballerina ballet in 1998 and continued in that role for five years Voloçkova, the oligarchs are usually presented in the background dancers, ballerinas, but it is sometimes claimed that some initiatives soloists such demands.
“ Was asking to have sex
Bolshoi Ballet won a lawsuit after quitting his job, but the task can not return to what Voloçkova `,` u `Unfortunately, the Bolshoi general managers turned back home. While there was often requested to have sex oligarklarla he said.
The former head of the ballet ballerina Iksanov Antoly manager rejected the claims.
Artistic director of the Bolshoi theater, Sergei Filin last January `s face was on the agenda acid disposal. After the attack, a large part of the elephant `s body formed and vision loss have had third-degree burns.
The head of the ballet ballet art director Pavel Dmitriçenko found guilty of the attack, but one of the famous ballet dancer hired to beat the art director, said that the acid attack on the finger.

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