ANCILLA TILIA alternative fashion model Rotterdam

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nude naked bare naked shirtless topless tattoo nackt nude nu nue nudo akt çıplak tetoviranje tatouage Tätowierung Modelle Ancilla Tilia (Rotterdam, 1985), born as Linde van de Leest is a Dutch fetish model, presenter and activist. She quit school and at eighteen appeared under her birth name as a Playmate in the men’s magazine Playboy in May 2004.Afterwards she moved to Los Angeles for work. In June 2009 Tilia appeared on the cover of Dutch Playboy, in a photo session by the photographer and music video director Carli Hermès. In September 2012 she again appeared on the cover of the Playboy. She also appeared twice on the cover of the Dutch edition of FHM, as well as on the covers of Sp!ts, Rotterdams Dagblad, Panorama,Aktueel and Viva.

Tilia has a preference for erotic fetish photography, specializing in latex clothes, corsets, high heels and stockings. As a fetish model, she appeared on the cover of Bizarre, Marquis and The Picture.

In November 2013 she appeared in the first episode of the Dutch Popoz comedy series on Comedy Central. From 2008 to 2010 she wrote articles for the magazine FHM in Ask Ancilla section, which eventually became a full-page column that appeared monthly until 2010. In 2011 she wrote a book Aan mijn jongere ik (“To my younger self”). In 2013 she won the BNN’s Nationale Reistest as the “Famous Dutchman”.ancilla-tilia-topless-6 ancilla-tilia-topless-7 ancilla-tilia-topless-8 ancilla-tilia-topless-10 ancilla-tilia-topless-24

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