Andreea Simon – Liza – ASSIAH ALCAZAR – Topless Penthouse Australia – Noviembre 2016

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Photography: Tom Fraud Model : Liza ,Andreea Simon,  Topless ,Penthouse Australia, – Noviembre 2016,ASSIAH ALCAZAR is a man of few words, quite literally. Thankfully his images speak for themselves. Born in Malaga in Southern Spain, currently based in Madrid, Alcazar began shooting professionally three years ago and works with a number of quality publications — including P and Hangover Magazine. When he’s not shooting, he’s in advertising, fashion or shooting film — at least that is the extent of what he told us. He could be a superhero for all we care. All we know is that we love his work. Enjoy the shoot,
Tom Fraud is the pseudonym created by Nicholas Hardy, internationally based art director and photographer. Late Night, City Lights features Liza in a sheer glass high rise above the sprawling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur. The glow of neon lights on her perfect body set against the bustling urban backdrop is the perfect combination of stunning design and incredible beauty. Fraud is a master at work behind the lens, with flawless use of texture and lighting he brings this late ht in the city to life.

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