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Ashanti. Toi Photographer: Visual Cocktail
Jessie Apple Photographer: Visual Cocktail
Krista Nicole Photographer: Visual Cocktail Marie Blanchard Photographer: Visual Cocktail \ Natasha Mays Photogra Aiot‘ial Cocktail
Seazons Photographer: Visual Cocktail
Wakina Photographer: Visual Cocktail
Feren Photographer: Visual Cocktail
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January 2006 – Never having done a photo shoot, I 1st digital camera. A Nikon D50. I went on Ebay an JTL lighting kit for $180 and I set out to shoot som actually a couple of girls in the neighborhood. As I that 1st shoot I had no idea what I was doing. But I idea that would be the beginning of VisualCocktail
Fast forward to present day, I’m blessed that peo work and have had images appear in magazines,1 advertising all over the world. And in the glamo privileged to have not only worked with some of most beautiful women, but to create imagery tha. want to work with me.
bought my d bought a e “models” , look back on also had no Photography.
pie enjoy my books, and u r world, I’m the world’s t makes them
It was very difficult to select just a few of my fav to models to highlight for this issue of CRED Magazine. But I do hope you enjoy the view!

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