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Internationally published model and makeup artist. I am an artist of many mediums, a professional dancer, and much more~

**only booking for publications, or compensation in 2013. though, still open to awesome ideas and epic photograqphers! thank you!**

~Im a very outgoing person, and a women with alot of attitude. I breath art, music, and creativity. I love meeting people, trying new things, taking risks, and exploring different parts of the world. I have worked all across the nation… in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Florida, and California.
I am all about having a good time and making everything i do enjoyable. However, i am also all about being strictly professional with all of my work.
I am self made in all aspects, and everything i do is a passion to me.
I am very open minded, into everything conceptual, artistic, abstract, and down to shoot almost anything. 🙂
I love Art, Music, and Life! Thanks for visiting my page. 🙂

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