Aurora Marchesani Playboy Romania – March 2015

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Aurora Marchesani Nomi Fernandes OLINDA Castañeda Ioana Fonta Playboy Romania – March 2015 Our old friend, Aurora Marchesana returns on copertd in a pictorial that I made the last glimpses of the sun since last fall, and I kept especially for cooler days.

From pictorial in December 2013 Aurora native returned to Italy, where he continued his career glam model, but has found a new passion: mysteries, aliens and everything has a purpose unknown. “I was always interested in mysteries, magic and strange creatures, but lately I ‘inremit to etfimd e7 r 2r these areas. In Italy, writing and magazine that address related conspiracies, aliens and other mysterious subjects. And to combine two passions of mine, photo shoots and mysteries, even I realized recently a pictorial in which I took the appearance of a witch. “All of the recent is the newest project of & have a TV show for which already filmed the pilot, and which will enter next month until statement of the channels Berlusconi’s Mediaset.
The show revolves around subjects that she evinced an Aurora, is dedicated to hypnosis and past life that determines our existence actuala.Totusi, our beautiful mysterious not try again in a past life regression, but is planning even But if she is this mix of teams and lust for knowledge is Evart repa re animate us in Aurora. promised us that after going to find out what was in past lives, surely one to tell us. Rana then not prefer to enjoy it in cam and bones, in this life, in which he chose to have a body that knows how to expose one in front of the camera.

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Nomi Fernandes

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OLINDA Castañeda A MODEL WHICH HAS 0 OLDEST Peruvian romance with nude photos. In fact, for something A AND TO INCREASED left home because he had too strict father, who would not see her daughter 0 MODEL.

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Perhaps Ioana Fonta is your neighbor. Do not see the fashion ‘, in clubs and even on TV. It has a regular job in an office, and thought that now that celebrates 30 years, it’s time to do ‘Still crazy. The parachute jumped last year, so he had left ticked a nude photo shoot. So I was thinking do it in style saddles. And new we had to say no twice. Here’s Why!

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GIRLS Playboy Nigh *
shoulder the January-February edition of the US had the cover on Modeling blonds who did Marciano campaigns look so “hot.” But Rachel is not the first collaboration with overseas rabbit. And just because he liked it so much, our colleagues have decided to make puns in a pictorial way, this time in beautiful retro style. Mortenson is not just a voluptuous model, but is a single mother for 30 years, which has career started very late after modeling standards – that only last 4 years. Before that was a waitress at Hooters until chain of restaurants and famous father’s gas station or. So in the fashion world was entering a gate of escape from her cap province in which it had entered a fats too beautiful to not see the world.

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