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The Hottest Women of 2010 was easily one of (if not the most) popular posts of all time on GirlFinder, so it was obvious that we would have to make this a yearly tradition. With this list we aim to be slightly unconventional. Men’s magazines have been churning these hottest women lists out for years, and we have always thought they were a bit too formulaic. While you’ll certainly see some overlap between our list and theirs we hope to have some surprises along the way, because we think it’s a lot more fun that way. Check back to our original hot 1000 for more of the philosophy behind our rankings.

Is Bar Refaeli the hottest babe in the world?
Thats impossible to answer whos the hottest girl in the world. Because, Everyone has their own personal perference, Some like Megan Fox, Some like Kim Kardashian, Some even like Pamela Anderson (If your into that). Point is, Your going to get a lot of different answers, No one will agree on who’s the hottest girl in the world. Rarely do travel guides step up to the question every traveler, male and female alike, cannot help but consider when exploring new terrain: are the locals hot? In advance of choosing your next great escape, you may want to remember the following list, just so your decision will be fully informed. And so, in no particular order, the top 10 cities in the world for hottest girls… Mendoza, Havana, Tokyo, Dubai, Istanbul, Prague, Zagreb, Amsterdam, Seoul and Singapore.

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