Becky Holt and nude Tattoo Models Elite Magazine – Issue 74, 2016

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My name’s Venom Blackbird, aka Venom Suicide over at I’m a professional rock climber with SoiLL Climbing, mediocre babe and nature photographer, part time metal smith, full time dog mom, and over all outdoors inhabitant/wild life petter. Any given day you can find me with a camera around my neck and my dog by my side exploring the world.
How long have you been modelling? 6 years strong.
What was it like to work with Alysha Nett on this shoot? Alysha is wonderful, I love working with her. She does a great job as a photographer, and is an over all awesome boss lady inspiration.
What was your favourite part of the shoot? Honestly, just getting to know her a bit more was great. Taking a glimpse at how many irons she has, successfully, in the fire was reallmieat. As someone with a room ull of &Merit hats to wear, it was a really reat to see someone else doing the same,



Hey! I’m a born and bred Mancunian, with a passion for cups of tea, dogs, pizza and occasionally getting drunk and taking my clothes off
How long have you been modelling? I’m actually an actress, so modelling happened accidentally a little over a year ago… I wouldn’t call myself a model as such, but I guess it’s just silent acting to me. With a lot less clothes.
What was it like to work with Tripodski on this shoot? It was the funnest shoot I’d ever had. We did more dancing and singing to the cheesiest music we could find – I could have carried on shooting for hours!
What was your favourite part of the shoot? Pizza… Because I got to eat it afterwards .
What’s your favourite part of your body and why? I’d say my hair. I used to get bullied for being ginger but I recently decided to embrace it and I’d say I feel pretty unique and fiery now.
If you could model for any brand, product or company, which would it be and why? Dominos’ pizza because I reckon I’d get a supply of free food for a while.
You’re hosting an Elite sponsored jelly wrestling competition. ‘Which four celebrity combatants will you book and why? Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Rabbit and Megan Fox. Because I want to see them all naked and rolling around. Only if I can join in though.
What’s your favourite song currently? I’m having a 90s hip hop revival at the moment. Anything by Biggie. My last played song was C.R.E.A.M by Wu Tang.

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Hey Vicki! Welcome to Elite, tell us a bit about yourself: Hey! What would you like to know?!Despite being naked a lot of the time I’m pretty shy in real life. I’m not a natural red head (shh don’t tell anyone) – but everything else is real wink 😉 I have 1 tattoo, on the inside of my finger, a pet chameleon called Olive and I’m a photographer too.
How long have you been modelling? About 7 years.
What was it like to work with Joseph on this shoot? I get on really well with Joe – we’ve done a few shoots before so it was easy – I don’t get shy about taking my clothes off for shoots anymore.
What was your favourite part of the shoot? I love shooting in random hotel rooms like this one. You never know what’s going on behind closed doors. I mostly enjoyed Joe demonstrating some of the poses he was after (so hot).

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Welcome back Becky, how are you? I’m very well thank you! I’ve been absolutely rushed off my feet since I was last in Elite! I’m always busy shooting or busy at my tattoo shop, Loco tattoo lounge.
Seriously though, we’re so thrilled to have you in Elite Becky. Did you have fun shooting for us? Of course, it was really fun. We shot the pictures at my shop! It was a really fun day! I’ve worked with Chris a few times and every time our pictures get better and better.
What is it like to grace our cover for the second time? Makes me feel kinda special, but I guess I am aren’t I haha.
You always seem so effortless on camera, is it hard reinventing yourself for new features? Ahh the power of photoshop haha! Posing comes naturally to me, I’ve always been really confident which helps. But yes I like to try and change my look a lot as I get bored shooting the same thing again and again.
You’re a northern girl. What are the “must dos” up there? Do you stick around there or venture all over the place? My favourite bar in Manchester is Hula Tiki Bar in the northern quarter. They serve the best cocktails and the music is always boomin! I always enjoy the northern quarter, well worth a visit if your out on the town!
It was clear from your feature you have a great ass! Where does that come from? Do you have to work for it or is it just good jeans/genes? Honestly, I was just born with a good rear. But it’s smaller than it used to be. I tried being vegan for 6 months but I lost a lot of weight and unfortunately most of that weight went from my ass but I’m going to start working on it. Although I’ve never done squats in my life.

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Hey Rosa! Welcome to Elite, tell us a bit about yourself: Hey! Well I am a full time professional model and I absolutely love what I do. I love travelling, meeting new people and life in general. I also love to keep fit, eat delicious food and listen to awesome music. All these things make happy! I consider myself to be an artist and hope to keep on following my dreams and achieve my goals. Bring it on.
We’ll start with the burning existential question… What bra size are you? I went and got myself measured, and was happy to be told I am a 34DD. I’ll take that!
What was it like to work with Tripodski on this shoot? He was very laid back, played good tunes and let me do my thing! A very cool guy.
What was your favourite part of the shoot? Probably wearing all the designer lingerie and Creep Street gear which I got to keep! I also loved the snapchat videos that Elite took. I think it’s important to capture some behind the scenes stuff. It was a very relaxed shoot. I loved it.
What’s your favourite part of your body and why? I think my bum is very peachy and I’ve learnt to love my legs! I feel pretty content with who I am, and happy that I’ve got curves.
What’s your favourite item of clothing? I really love crop tops and bodysuits! Can’t go wrong really!
What does it mean to you to join the Elite family? I’m honored to be apart of it! Seems like a pretty cool community to be apart of. I look forward to working more with Elite and to have loads of fun.

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Hey Peggy! Welcome to Elite, tell us a how long have you been modelling? Hey! Nice to be here… I’ve been modelling for a few years now
What was it like to work with Mermaidium on this shoot? Mermaidium and I go back, so working with him is always a laugh. He’s very comfortable to be around with and he’s such a talented photographer. All the images he’s done with other models and myself just look stunning.

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