Candice Swanepoel Jenny Laird AGNES Britain Sveva Alviti ASHLEY MASON Adriana LIMA Zoo Weekly Australia – 23 February 2015

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Candice Swanepoel  Jenny Laird  AGNES Britain Sveva Alviti ASHLEY MASON Adriana LIMA nude Zoo Weekly Australia – 23 February 2015

Zoo Weekly Australia – 23 February 2015   f you’re ever in New York, it’d be
a few front doors in
at school — “nobbly knees, braces, the whole lot” — but was scouted at €‚ in a ƒurban
case you stumble across flea market, and now earns
that of South African blonde babe Candice Swanepoel.
The farm girl from ooi iver hates the northern hemisphere cold so much that she cranks up the
walks around all day in her rather hot underwear.
And if that’s not an incentive to sell a kidney to pay for the airfare, what is
over „…m a year, has a holiday home in the northern †ahia province of †ra‡il, and also has €ˆ million blokes who’d die ‰ust to touch her knees.
Šur pictures show the
in the outdoors — for while she’s always loved fashion, the open air’s more her go.
As is †ahia, where she goes for a break. “‘ was very

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€ust a chance to wear in a conservative place like impractical lingerie and a
‚ƒ„m …antasy Bra of †‡„„ to be in tune with that side of precious gems.
myself,” she confesses. “But
Brazil brings out the real me. dairy and cattle farm when Theres a raw sexual energy
there thats intoxicating.” ˆuit modelling in ‡„„‰ when
She keeps herself bikini called to audition for her first ready by eating healthily and VS show. She was over exercising when she can working alone in fashion. and preps for her shows by Šow, she says, the other eating more protein “because models are family… the like strong legs and a bum on hottest one in the world. the runway”. s too, Candice.
Being a Victorias Secret
Angel gives her more than for her, and for us, it is.

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glamour Jenny Laird’s

bra must be made of strong stuf f to hold in her rampaging rack. How strong? ZOO’s betting it uses the same material as Kim Kardashian’s underpants.

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Adriana LIMA

Brazilian supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana had better stay away from any Apple headphone cables, or she might have to be cut out of the resulting tangle. Hmmm. That wor.
DUNN OO believes this shiny body-hugging outfit is nown as a bustier, which is possibly because of how busty the angelic unn loos in it. Or because we want to bust her out of it…
ROSE ith a face and body lie this, emi could wear a bag lady’s bra and undies and still mae them loo sey. She probably couldn’t mae them


Italian model Sveva Alviti

had Miami Beach goers crying “Mama mia!” when she revealed a gap not even Dave Hughes and Madonna could compete with.
GREENS We’re usually salad dodgers, but after seeing Queensland hottie Brittni Rippon’s lettuce-inspired bikini, we’re thinking about turning vegan.
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