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ful businesswoman, an inspired fashion designer, a committed wife, and a red-hot model. She and her husband, PJ, have created a lucrative fashion, supplement, and media empire but still stay remark-ably grounded. This is the second time Celeste has shot with Iron Man Magazine, and she looks even more beautiful than ever. Bold, brainy, sexy, and soulful, Celeste is the epitome of the well-rounded modern fitness woman.
Dr. Cat Begovic: So Celeste, tell our readers a little about who you are and your background. Celeste Braun: My name is Celeste Braun, and I’m a former WWE Divas champion. I am cur-rently the CEO of Celestial Bodiez, the hottest brand in women’s fit-ness apparel. Now that you know I’m “kind of a big deal” [laughs], let me tell you about my humble past. I’ve always kind of been a meat-head, in the best way possible. I was a total tomboy. I played competitive soccer for my entire childhood and teen years. I also ran track Fast white girl, that’s me.
Dr. Cat: How did you get involved in fitness? Celeste: When I was about 14, I got a bench and set of weights to put in my room. How cool is my mom? She has always supported me in every way. I also joined the summer football training camp as a freshman. I was the only girl. I loved it because it taught me the basics of weight lifting. It was two intense hours, five days a week I actually did it every summer of high school. I also had a high school track coach that was a fitness competi-tor, and I was absolutely infatuated with her. She had muscles before it was cool! Coach Yolanda Beasley was my idol and inspiration. Coach Beasley saw how much I wanted to be like her, so she took me under her wing. She was a badass with a kind heart. She trained me after school. She didn’t charge me or expect anything in return. I loved her so much for that. A few years later, I ended up training myself and doing my own diet for my first-ever figure show at 19 years old. It was a disaster, to say the least! But hey, we all start somewhere.
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CELESTE BRAUN (formerly Celeste Bonin) AGE: 29 LIVES: Boca Raton, FL LIKES: Unicorns DISLIKES: Cocky “Insta-famous” attitudes DRIVES: A sexy Corvette Z06—manual, of course WOULD LIKE TO DRIVE: The Canyonero —Simpson’s reference FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Our new house. We never want to leave! It’s our everyday getaway LISTENS TO: ’90s hip-hop and classics, dubstep LATEST BOOK READ: How To Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity by Patricia Carlin LATEST MOVIE SEEN: Get Hard—no, not a porn, it’s a Will Ferrell movie FAVORITE QUOTE: I don’t really have a favorite quote—in my mind, they’ve all been ruined by girls posting them philosophically on Instagram. tr TWITTER: @CelesteBonin INSTAGRAM: @CelesteBonin Q PERISCOPE: @CelesteBonin
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