Chari LOJO Gran Hermano TOPLESS interviú 20 APRIL 2015 pdf, Jpg

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Lojo Chari, exconcursante of ‘Big Brother 12’ and ‘The Big Chill: 10 years after’ is multidisciplinary instructor and has been a contributor to the debate GH15. Now Chari poses nude for the magazine Interviú This Andalusian, just leave ‘GHVIP’ and sample interview as resounding as their statements about the reality body. “It was horrible to live in that house”; It has been said refieriendo both Belén Esteban and the rest of his ‘brothers’. A Chari has not liked what he has learned in his third televised confinement and not cut when talking loudly about their fellow prisoners. The blonde is taking weapons and has charged. On Monday 20 at its booth.

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