Charlotte Gainsbourg Outputs movies: the Nymphomaniac”,” reveals all

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Alexandra Lamy, Doutey , Julie Ferrier

The story : Julie is bubbly but continually unhappy woman in love . Getting dumped by courier to his work seems to bring him the coup de grace . But the book “Happiness can be learned ” becomes his bible and applies the advice to the letter …
What to remember : Alexandra Lamy play the game of singles in search of happiness , at his publicized separation. One thing is certain , the couple she forms with Jean- Paul Rouve , supported by compelling Doutey and Julie Ferrier , seduced !
The Dreamlife of Walter Mitty , Ben Stiller

With Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig , Shirley MacLaine

History : Walter Mitty is an ordinary man trapped in his newspaper that dares to escape through dreams both funny and extravagant . But faced with a difficulty in his professional life , Walter has to find the courage to take action in the real world .
What to remember: How to become a hero? A lesson in courage to the U.S. , with its flaws and qualities , amid breathtaking scenery and haunting music.

Oldboy , Spike Lee
With Josh Brolin , Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley

History : Late 80s . A father is removed without reason and sequestered in a cell. He learns from the television in his cell he is accused of murdering his wife. Released 15 years later, he was contacted by the man who had kidnapped …
What to remember : Not easy to do the remake of the masterpiece of Park Chan -wook . Spike Lee is to be effective while respecting the transgressive aspect of the source material , all with an attractive cast .
Fruitvale Station, Ryan Coogler

Michael B. Jordan , Melonie Diaz, Octavia Spencer

The story : On January 1, 2009 in the morning , Oscar Grant , 22, crossed police officers in the Fruitvale subway station , San Francisco. The film tells the twenty four hours before the meeting.

What to remember : Feeling the last Sundance , Fruitvale Station is a moving chronicle of the fate of an anonymous . Interpreted correctly by all actors , this film feels like a documentary and leaves the bitter taste of injustice and sadness.
“Taking into account the random and integrate the unexpected. ” ( Lars Von Trier – The World ) This is a perfect state of mind to start the year in cinema. Happy New Year and movies are always more beautiful and good in 2014!

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Vincent Lacoste nymphomaniac, the dictator has been sent
Two videos, two hundred and Charlotte Gainsbourg . In one common Gainsbourg, Yvan Attal SM silence before and daughter Jamie Bell displays and camera trends for Lars von Trier nymphomaniac . Other critical as a crazy atmosphere and slowly , she’s empowered and children under their control in a world that plays a cruel dictator .NymphomaniacThen the trailer shock and censorship nymphomaniac , Lars von Trier, at regular intervals to announce a new rhythm has taken his little teaser formed each time a new section dedicated to the film . A sixth so entitled , income, Eastern and Western Church ( Silent Duck ) Charlotte Gainsbourg (played by Stacy Martin , played by the young Joe Joe already has given way to a more mature , the Antichrist , Melancholia ) .In this excerpt, Jamie Bell his partner, ” Fido ” is written gives a handmade whip .Charlotte Gainsbourg deviation quiet and look under the skirt nymphomaniac platforms – which she wears nothing – and the lashes are damaged . Probably not gone yet she cried before she blows French actress Jamie Bell is ready to whip , showing a scene in the trailer it should be prefixed .1 rooms and 29 January 2014 .
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