Chloe Marco – Celeste Star – Nude the wolf woman next cover of Interviu 14 November 2016

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Chloe Marco, Nude, the wolf woman next cover of Interviu,14, November, 2016

“I feel a herd,” says the blonde beauty while petting the two beautiful examples of wolfhound along with an incredible story starring in interview. And it’s no wonder. This castellonense is one of the leading activists of the wolf. Iberian, to be exact. Is 27, is an expert in martial arts and fighting, too, from two associations fighting for the preservation of the species. Moreover spend your holidays in a sort of wolf camp for families and devotes her time to care for their own herd.Following the example of other activists like actress Red Rain, who staged a protest against interviú El Toro de la Vega, Chloe arrives next Monday November 14 the kiosk with the hope that all our readers to join their cause. Do you you’re going to lose?

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