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Clara Aguilar, São Paulo 25 years, was the protagonist of the most daring test of history Sexy Magazine.Check out the revealing interview and digital photos of the ex-BBB, in the edition of November 2014:


We received thousands of messages asking you on Sexy …

I know (laughs). They always want to help and the tools that they, the Clanessas, use is Twitter. When they want something, they go without sleep, texting …


Does not Suck?

Sometimes goes a little too far. I took a break from Twitter as soon as I left the BBB. I’m not used to people judging my every step. Today I give a sneeze and have a million people to judge me.


Suffer much harassment?

I suffer harassment when they’ll play in some cities. The girls? Not the guys? They cross the line. The last time I played, I give “hi” to a girl and she bit my neck.


What are you looking for someone?

I really like good-natured face. I do not care so much to look.


You talk a lot in bed?

A little. I’m kind scandalous.


Already troubled neighbor?

. Have My neighbor is my friend and talked to me, “Clara what you do (laughs)?”. Already rolled me being in hotel and the next day, the reception stop the guy who was with me and say: “You will have to withdraw from the hotel if she did not keep quiet in the mornings.”


He enjoys doing all night, so …

Oh, I like. But when I was about 18 years was over. Now I prefer more quality than quantity.


If you depend on you, fuck how many times a week?

If you depend on me all day (laughs).


And you have some toys?

Love! My favorite is the one rabbit. The rabbit has given a thousand in a lot of guys.


What is your biggest sexual madness?

I did the casino bathroom with the people knocking on the door. And since moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, we stopped the car on the road and was on the hood (laughs).


Have you done ménage?

Already (laughs). Everyone participating. The first ménage rule is you can not have one alone. You have to pay attention to everybody (laughs).


And enjoy anal sex?

Sometimes. I do not like to come and say: “Let’s do anal.” Whenever it happened, no one has.


And those boobs? How many ml?

700 ml each. Always enjoyed peitão.


When did you start to like?

I’ve always loved porn and porn stars. My dream was to be like them: blonde, busty and skinny. My chest was very tiny.


What kind of porn do you like?

Actresses that I like are already old. And I liked those movies that had stories, but today is: “Hi, okay, get on my dick” (laughs).


Already took a loirona you type with chest for everything that is next?

Already (laughs)! It was cool.


Lesbian porn likes?

Nowadays I prefer to see the videos of the camgirls. Sometimes have girls doing videos between them and it is much nicer because you can see they are enjoying what they are doing. They work with porn and only among girls. I think is cool.


How was it to turn camgirl?

I was 18 and a friend of mine was already and told me to try. I started making a lot of money and never stopped.


I have called you to do porn?

I have been called. Nowadays, very little is gained. What I did in the camera gave me a lot more money without any contact with anyone.

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