Diana Poston Tattoo Best Glamour Model USA

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I love modeling,& photography.

I want to be published.
I think I have a unique look that you won’t find with most models
I’m very universal. I can be that “girl next door”look, or I can be a temptress ;]
I want to work with open minded and creative people ,like myself to help accomplish my dreams. If you want to be apart of that,inbox me. I give credit to whoever I work with,so if I go somewhere I’m bringing you with me. I’m interested in working with new make-up artist/clothing designers/photographers/promoters.

I’m fine with shooting TF and I don’t mind traveling,& if you cover my gas I’ll come to you :]
My availability to shoot is very small so I am very select on who I work with. I try to use my time more wisely on people who can help benefit my port,as well as I do in theirs. Sorry if I don’t book with you because I work FULL time & I have a 2 year old son. Those 2 things always come before my shoots, unless it’s a paid shoot.
*I am mainly looking for paid work,or work that will get me published.<—
The only thing I ask for is the photos you take of me.
Can’t hurt to ask,right? ;]

What you should know about me:
I almost always know how to pose & what to wear.
I am prompt and reliable. When I plan a shoot,I show up. I’M NOT A FLAKE!
I take this seriously and I only want to improve
[if I am late or can not show I always let you know ahead of time,but I have only canceled on 2 occasions]
I take direction well,and learn fast from it.
I am comfortable in front of the camera.
I like to get in my underwear. a LOT.
I have great expressions and show a lot of emotion in my shots.
I can roller skate backwards with no hands.
I can play rock band on expert.
I look really good naked.
but I will only shoot topless/nudes if they are tasteful,not trashy.
I probably will sing it even if you ask me not to.
I have lots of pretty references.
I promise you can bring an escort if you don’t feel safe around me.
I promise not to make fun of you if you leave the Lens cap on or make references to movies/songs/events that happened before I was even born.
If you don’t want me to bring an escort,you just lost me. My safety is important.
If you make me feel uncomfortable it will show in the images we take.
I don’t like to be touched or talked to disrespectfully.
I expect professionalism ,as I act professional.

also I’m broke. I do this as a hobby in order to get paid and get my name out there.
I have a 2 year old that ALL of my money goes to for daycare,and bills since his father refuses to help out. Until I get child support from him I can not afford to pay for hardly anything anymore. & hopefully you understand that as a model I have many expenses to keep up with in order to look pretty when we shoot. [keep up with my body,gym dieting,nails hair,outfits,gas to get there] this lifestyle isn’t cheap!

PLEASE PROVIDE A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF YOUR INTEREST/PROJECT, including the style and type of works, What you are looking for, duration of project and the intended use of the works. If I need to do my own hair/make-up, I don’t mind! I like to know ahead of time what I will need to bring,or if I should have hair/make-up done before I arrive.0 14716_441796139216787_1373621929_n 229978_416698495059885_1197447096_n 268241_181272551935815_1314135_n 299140_199576080105462_337634_n 304596_213981861998217_1703440162_n 381047_231305350265868_299665806_n 538872_413251745404560_1850136552_n 988650_529410417122025_1818849385_n 1010564_530912350305165_1571869500_n1044744_530874963642237_435618718_n 1044984_539763626086704_1850282587_n 1186128_570736226322777_1295134085_n 1229935_569701383092928_450114435_n 1235201_562948013768265_1157166711_n 1236573_571909666205433_1389881584_n diana-poston-tramp-stamp-1 diana-poston-tramp-stamp-7 diana-poston-tramp-stamp-8 diana-poston-tramp-stamp-9