Elisa Meliani – BeCool – December 2015

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Elisa Meliani – naked – BeCool – December 2015 speaks The year is finally over and this edition, the 39th, is the latest in 2015. Now we just volts to do magazine in the year ven (yeah, sorry). We’ve done the balloon of the Year, as we put the edinso December in the air and airada we will choose more urn cover, the Janeiro_ only férias_ And to Naso be no doubt that the year was good for us, we decided to celebrate the New Year with Elisa mellan ‘, urn beautiful model who made the great photos from the December test. It’s our Christmas present to you, the reader’s reports also están great, to begin with, has special ¡dalo of the Year with the list of the last echQáso_ winners also have a text on how to tackle one foot in blinda you have to read . In the line of serious matters, suits the Ivanildo Ferreira profile, the mason who entered the art world with seas mbagurnadosn drawings, and an interview with Luiz Alberto Sallaberry, dire-tor counterterrorism Abin. It also exercises to do while working, reading as a way to combat stress, Ronda Rousey on “Women You Love” urn setlist to accompany you in 2016, the best of Twitter, the script of São Paulo in més, charge urea and Colmas Monica Sou-za and Nberto Villas. The becool 39 is in the air. Good end of year and we are en-contre in the coming years as well. Oh, and follow the magazine on sociais_ networks

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