Eliza Boykin, (Eliza Winn Boykin) tattoo glamour model USA

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(nude naked )I am an internationally published cover girl and model. I was lucky enough to be introduced in Playboy magazine in DEC, 2011, and since then have had many publications world-wide. I just recently got my first covers simultaneously in February of this year!! I look forward to doing much more with modeling and working in entertainment. I am addicted to creativity!! I love music and art and modeling!! ♥_MG_0407 2tt9QtDYd80 17509_594316287268821_1871006014_n 166048_338429166233759_364356044_n 182174_517911088242675_1007849260_n 282640_537938512906599_749145167_n 312109_291421547558298_1863621499_n ayPkteYArwQ Bloody Ashes Full bRGd5F29Zy0Eliza-Winn-Boykin-photo-by-Jelly-Fish-Jones fix  KeithSelle -KFA8sUGW_4 P-wWSkTch1M08b566e394bec4474165d9db678195f3-pifspm sasha_knox_by_a_wednesday-d5cmdfa tumblr_lxfyd8bf711qcn4cpo1_500 tumblr_lxkhi4StSv1qcn4cpo1_500 tumblr_mlkegivI0W1rqvtedo1_500