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(  NUDE  NAKED   GLAMOUR  MODEL  )Model ۰ Incredible Swim Designer ۰ Wildlife Warriors Ambassador

Welcome to the official Facebook page of the green eyed international cover model Ellie Gonsalves. Aussie-born, Ellie has been dubbed “Australias Next Supermodel” by both U.S sensation Paul Heyman (American entertainment producer & named one of the Top 100 Global Marketers by Advertising Age Magazine) & MAXIM Magazine.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia there was no doubt Ellie would exceed in any area she threw herself into – Which eventually was modelling, being an ambassador for one of Australias leading wildlife conservation projects & designing her own swimwear collection. Ellie is recognized for her unique & exotic looks, down to earth attitude, her hard work, beaming smile and her positive spirit – The qualities that have allowed her to become successful within the modelling world.

Ellie went beyond the traditional stereotype of being just a “model”. She is a proud global ambassador for Australia Zoos charity; Wildlife Warriors alongside other international celebrities including The Veronicas and Jimmy Barnes, Ellie is committed to raising awareness for equal treatment of animals & aims to send a wildlife conservation message to all who join her journey.

Her creative side and entrepreneurial spirit led her to create her own swimwear line with Veve Swimwear (now available at myveve.com/incredible) & she has graced magazines and some of the worlds top websites (Including Sports Illustrated, NY Daily News, News.com.au, Daily Mail UK to name a few). After achieving the above Ellie has become a YouTube sensation.

Ellies love for traveling, working overseas & meeting new people has now lead her to spend much of her time between Australia & Los Angeles which has 2013 an exciting time for Ellie & her career.

The Highlights

This year alone, Ellie dominated international news, magazines, TV, radio & websites. She has been recognized as one of Australias sexiest & business forward models while becoming a global sensation with her swimwear designs after friend & Olympic athlete Stephanie Rice was featured on news channels, websites & radio all over the world for wearing Ellies infamous ‘Tomb Raider bikini’. Even Hollywood took notice of them with the story being featured on E! News.

Ellie is a frequent special guest on the Triple M radio show with Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy & Luke Darcy discussing the worlds love for her swimwear collection “Incredible by Ellie Gonsalves”, her role as a Wildlife Warrior & her thriving modelling career between our sandy Aussie beaches & the bright lights of L.A.

Ellie has been on the covers & inside features of numerous national & international magazines: MAXIM Magazine, Revista J Magazine, M! Magazine, Marie Claire, News Weekly Magazine, STYLE Magazine, Fairways Magazine, Australia’s Surfing Life Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Courier Mail & many others..

This year Ellie was also named amongst the top 40 most beautiful Aussie women in MAXIM Magazine’s annual ‘HOT 100’ issue ranking in at no.39 amongst names like DJ Havana Brown, Sally Fitzgibbons, Rachel Taylor & Stephanie Rice. Then made it to the cover of MAXIM Australia as their January covergirl for 2013.

Ellie has consistently represented very well-known brands such as leading fitness label – Lorna Jane, Australian lingerie giant – Bras N Things, Playboy Australia, Veve Swimwear, country favorite – Bullzye Clothing, Joolz Jewels, Jetpilot Clothing, Price Attack, Cellini, Fiorenza, Juli Grbac “Project Runway Winner” & internationally renowned designer Gina Kim to name but a few.

But Ellies presence in these campaigns, on TV, radio and magazines is not by chance – from humble tomboy beginnings, Ellie Gonsalves is a true role model, branding herself as her own business and working hard to ensure its branding is spot on, its reputation unmatched and its image what she desires and her clients seek to continuously book.

Her message is loud and clear – respect yourself, be nice to others and take action towards achieving the goals and success that are rightfully yours. Through regular self-education and a commitment to constant & never ending improvement, Ellie is inspiring those around her at a rapid rate to be healthy and live a life of passion. She is setting the example, particularly in the modelling industry to ensure longevity and to leave a legacy with her peers. Part of her journey is to ensure she leaves a profit with everyone she comes into contact with and that her message is heard.

With having achieved all of this by the young age of only 21 – Ellies success story is fuelled by ongoing passion, dedication & hard work – Qualities that continue to earn her recognition & respect amongst both her clients and her peers, and qualities that will ensure that much of her story is yet to be written.

Through Ellie’s avocation, she is ensuring other young women take heed and hear her words – “Self belief is the first step to achieving any goal you set your mind to. Be confident, push yourself, be positive & be who you are – Determination today; Success tomorrow.””.”

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