Emily Chave, MADISON RHYS Topless ZOO Weekly Australia – 20 April 2015

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Emily Chave, MADISON RHYS  Topless ZOO Weekly Australia – 20 April 2015
there are two things you should remember: she works in the lounge bar at Sydney’s Clovelly Hotel; and for God’s sake, mind your manners, because if you don’t, you’re not getting a damn thing…
Emily, it’s been more than six months since you were last in ZOO. What’s been happening?
I’ve just been working away! I do lots of promo work and modelling, and I’m still bartending at night. Which of those do you like the best?
Definitely the promo work [laughs].
Is that because there are fewer drunk people when you’re out doing shows? No, I don’t serve drunk people! RSA, remember?

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