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I am 100 % Greek woman from the magnificent Kalambaka Meteora (Trikala ) called EPIPHANY KALOGIANNI !

From early 2011 provided services FILM advertising
(Sample = https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1651846029993) and CINEMA coverage marriages
(Sample = https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1784364062861) by the company www.Hollywood-Wedding-Films.com subsidiary ” EPIPHANY ” Glamour Enterprises LTD!

Many people ask me why I continue and I live in Greece ; ; ;
” ….. I love it here ! In spite of Greek politicians to PROSTITUTE soul who raped her every time they see the sheen of euros …. In spite of Greek men’s magazine publishers , offering salaries HUNGER for photoshoots in front of white cloth and ntouvaria …. in spite of mindless fans who do not deserve to be called Greeks because they do not know how to lose ever, and prohibits the presence of women and children at stadiums …. in spite of Greek merchants and industrialists alike can steal the Greek housewife and ALL their fellow citizens ….. in spite of the idiots with lots of money who have the idiotic delusion that they can buy supplements of evening their loneliness … In spite people / judges type “Greek Idol” is sO EMPTY STROKES [ with NTOPIASTIKA comments do ] in order to mirror them has ceased to exist idol for a long time …. so in spite of all this, I just like the GREECE and Greek who left with ” GREECE soul !” …. ”

My film “SUMMER ANGELS – Destination GREECE” – dedicated to GREECE – (TRAILERs you can see the VIDEO 1 & 3 to the right of my profile ) is now available only through the company my phone COMMUNICATION I have in my profile ( Nationwide ) ! Constitutes the first [100 % GREEK production ] film / documentary type ‘Playboy’ titled “SUMMER ANGELS – Destination GREECE” from my company “THEOFANIA Glamour Enterprises LTD” … Also released for the first time in history, GREEK production entirely by the new image technology , High Definition 1080p (BLURAY – PS3), where you can find it in http://www.SummerAngels.gr/ ….
The shootings took 5 Unthinkable beautiful models in five paradise islands of the Aegean …. to increase only , that my appearance pales in front of the stature of those women who will join with me to the shooting ….
Such creatures course it is known ….

USTODAY ( Commentary American newspaper )
Imagine a single painting of REBIRTH agreed to be painted by the WORLD s BEST 7 painters: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Francisco de Goya and Rembrandt van Rijn ….. with the UNIQUE feature of MOTION icluded into this painting!
This idea is what BEST desribes MY movie “SUMMER ANGELS – Destination GREECE” …..

More [ bold and not ], you can see and learn on my official site
http://www.Theofania.gr/ …

* Photography, as we all know, is not real at all. It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world. (Arnold Newman)

If some spiteful having trouble with photoshop work , I can either buy a HIGH RESOLUTION my movie , or go to YOUTUBE and DAILYMOTION and study my physical appearance, where under the lens of High Definition does not hide anything!217708_195154180527836_1586825_n 269776_221498177893436_1581175_n45112_482292485147336_2083462954_n 205498_191416167568304_2514293_n 205527_193492917360629_4457058_n 217093_191909897518931_1434151_n 221820_197177740325480_3885105_n 228566_195863637123557_2477390_n 247925_207304605979460_7998111_n 306391_281756988534221_1046822544_n 314940_273438486032738_1502734950_n 392397_267998829910037_553437703_n404503_305586339484619_1234807781_n 425240_329822350394351_1054270580_n 426084_348156098560976_583560536_n 430478_343789038997682_1936438326_n 431712_455342107842374_1632575217_n 560859_372173039472716_1804224571_n 1 page Screenshot - 18_9-crop9999999999999999999999