Eva Doll ( Miss Lady Darling) glamour model Australia

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Born in Scotland with Irish Scottish descendants. Studied Computer Animation and IT before deciding to travel the world.

At present,she is working as a model and professional dancer around the world. she is currently staying in Australia doing promotional modeling, modeling for Australian men’s magazines, and working as a showgirl at various venues within Australia.

But you started out modeling in the U.K.
Right. I was a model for car magazines there which got me promotional work at car shows up and down the country. I was studying at university at the time so it was extra income and a fun part-time job. I then went on to Europe and then over to the U.S. where I was a model for Maximand also worked as a coyote. That was great fun, like in the movie [Coyote Ugly] where the coyote girls get to dance on the bars and have lots of fun. For the past four years, I’ve been traveling around the world as a feature dancer and model. Now, aside from being a regular featured model in Australian men’s magazines, I am also a showgirl and a ring girl for MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] shows.

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