Gwen Stefani Cosmopolitan USA – March 2015

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Perched in a makeup  chair in Hollywood’s Siren Studios, you’d never guess that Gwen Stefani is running on four hours AND WHILE Gwen may not have a long list of ex-lov- of sleep…or that she has ers—“I wasn’t a huge dater,”
she says, “I’ve only had two a brutal cold. She’s so boyfriends, and I married one of them!”—the confessional tunes she penned totally Gwen—deeming about her guys past (long- time bandmate Tony Kanal) almost everything rad
and present (husband, Gavin Rossdale) presum- or awesome—that you’re ably opened the door for that other ruby-lipped song- almost tempted to try writer, Taylor Swift, to draft hits about John, Jake, and the whole sleep depriva-
Harry. “I can relate to [Taylor] on that,” Gwen says, addtion /congestion thinging, “she’s awesome.” It was through songwrit yourself. Maybe it’s the secret ing that Gwen found her inde to Gwen’s mojo, or maybe it’s pendence as more than just the Mucinex. Either way, her the frontwoman of No Doubt, enthusiasm is contagious. the band she’s been with She has a lot to be stoked for more than 25 years and about. At 45, Gwen’s career is with whom she’s rumored to more turbocharged than ever. be working on a new studio In the past year, she’s released album—its seventh. “When new solo tracks (a full album I discovered I could write is expected any day now), songs, that gave me a power scrubbed in as a coach on that I didn’t have. Before that,
NBC’s The Voice, returned tri- I put all my energy into my umphant to New York Fash- relationships. Having some-
ion Week, and oh yeah, had thing else I could put energy a kid. Of course the Gwen- into, that I actually created,
dom wasn’t built in a day. really changed who I was in
For more than two decades, the best way.” she’s been paving the way for Perhaps the only party countless celebs to tippy-toe Gwen was late to (albeit fash- in her stiletto’d footsteps. The ionably) was Instagram. “It whole star-starts-a-fashion- took me a while to get into it,” line thing? Gwen launched the she says. “It’s so awkward!
irrepressibly hip L.A.M.B. line Who said it’s okay for me to when Victoria Beckham was still rocking tube inidresses.
New to the singer’s portfolio: gx by Gwen Stefani, a collection of rad accessories, celebrates its first anniversary
this month.
sit in my kitchen and take pictures of myself until I find one I like?” For starters, her 1.1 million followers. Her first post last year was a doozy, announcing the sex of her third child. In the picture, Gwen radiates in a plaid shirt and a crown. The caption: “I was ready to hand over the crown. But I guess I am still queen of the house #ItsABoy #SurroundedByBoys.” By the look of her, Gwen was in a state of pregnant ska- goddess euphoria. Not so much. “Being pregnant was so shocking and totally unexpected,” she says. “I was very sick puking the whole time. I was in a little bit of a rut, being pregnant— even previous to getting pregnant,” she admits. Then The Voice called.
It wasn’t an easy yes. The woman who grew up jamming in SoCal garages struggled with the concept of being on a talent show: “It was hard to wrap my head around, but I needed a change creatively and it felt like something new, fresh.” She soon found herself in the spinning chair vacated by Christina Aguilera. “Watching all these performances and being critical, it’s a big responsibility and a new kind of inspiration I’ve never had. I wasn’t expecting it.” Still, she says she would never have auditioned for the show had it been around during her early days: “First of all, my kind of voice would never impress people. The Voice has amazing singers

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