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Hello and welcome to my website!

For those who do not know me, but would like to know who is behind “The-Fetish-Queen”, I have below a brief description of my person:

My name is Heike, I am in my mid thirties and living in Southern Germany, near Munich.
By my partner, who also makes beautiful pictures of me, I first get an insight into the world of fetish in early 1999 and immediately discovered my love for leather, vinyl and latex.
My passion refers to the wearing of garments from these wonderful materials and is completed by the associated hot boots or high heels.
This preference since I live on both parties in southern Germany from where I always like to meet my fetish girlfriends and have a lot of fun, as well as in all “everyday life”;-)

Many of you still know me by my first HP and know since that course, I’m also very happy to be photographed with my sexy outfits and would like to let you share a little of my fetish life in this way. Just risked a look into my personal life – you will not be disappointed!
So and now I wish you much pleasure while enjoying my photos and short videos;-))


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