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The Wolf Of Hot Street

Things get a little fast, a little furious when we train our spotlights on this month’s International Woman, Playmate Holly Wolf.
Notice all the movie references? That’s because our International Woman Playmate Holly Wolf is a massive pop culture junkie and is a self-professed gamer-slash-geek girl. In fact in her Twitter account, she describes herself thus, “Playmate, Cosplayer, Zelda in a past life”. And as if you needed further convincing, she was also named Geek Fantasy’s Woman of the Year. “When I first came out as a geek and gamer girl, I remember guys saying, ‘Oh, she’s a Playmate. I don’t think she’s an actual nerd. Maybe she’s doing it for the attention.’ It took a little time for me to actually_be acknowledged as someone who is an actualoterd. I it’s because guys have this notion that hot girls can’t like nerdy things, and to that, I say, they are very wrong. It’s sad we can get harassed for it, but, honestly, it doesn’t compare to the love we geeks have for our hobbies, and also those who like us for it,” she opined. W really could ‘t have said it better ourselv s. A CanadAn native, Holly as tr veled all over the wort for her job as a model and a Playma e, app anng on the cover of LAYBOY Ali 1 ,
Slovakia and being featured in PLAYBOY Mexico. She was also named Playmate of the Year by PLAYBOY Czechoslovakia. “Being a Playmate has been agreat title to have while striving to reach other goals of mine, anc6 it’s a great conversation piece. I think most people recognize being a Playmate as quite an accomplishment, so they have a sense 9f how driven I am right away! And, of course, social media is very biig these days and being a Playmate has helped me gain a great fan base!” she gushed when asked how having this iconic title has changed her life. When not modeling or posing for men’s ma zines, is, by sweet and sassy lady, enjoys playing videogames, watching anime, and cosplaying Asuna from Sword Art Online, a Japanese light novel series. “I’ve have done three versions of her!” she revealed. Her favorite game from last year is The Witcher (“It was a breathtaking game!) and she hardly travels without her trusted PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS where she’s lately been playing the remastered Final at videogame if she’s the one we’re playing against. Fantasy and Zelda titles. Frankly, we wouldn’t mind pa…km-ate–memols
Photography: Mindbox Art Direction: Jeffrey Infante Hair: Kevin Uy Make-up: Allyson Azarraga Shot On Location at AutoCo AMG560 Wheel Shop

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More than a hundred years after the first tattooed lady made her appearance, people continue to be in awe a at ladies who ink.
B ack in the clay, when women showing even a bit of skin were considered indecent, the tattooed lady was a sideshow freak. Travelling with carnivals and circuses, they become objects to be gawked at, marveled at, and sometimes, even ridiculed. In her book, The Tattooed Lady: A History, Amelia Klum Osterud described these women as being “remarkable and courageous”, that in a time in American history when women remained impoverish due to lack of education and no career options, they opted to “get tattooed and go on the road [allowing them] to achieve things that few others, especially working- class women, could even imagine.” Granted, those women are indeed remarkable for daring to defy society’s standards, but it doesn’t discount the fact that they also helped perpetuate the myth that women with tattoos are a curiosity; at worst , a nameless sector of society that thrive better underground, or a tolerated irregularity, at best. Case in point: The last known tattooed lady retired from working in a carnival at the ripe old age of 82 in the year 1995, more than hundred years after the first tattooed lady was paraded at a carnival. “I still do get dirty looks when people see me with all my tattoos. Usually, sinasabi nila, mukhang galing preso, drug addict, or pa rang whore daw,” said Jean Lopez, tattoo enthusiast and head of local online community, Sexy Filipina with Tattoos
(SFT). “Pero wala, deadma lang. We are what we are. Our tattoos are a form of art, of self-expression. It’s our passion to use our bodies to showcase the talent of our best tattoo artists,” she shrugged. “Kaya nga sila artists, eh!” Lopez is part of a growing community of women whose advocacy it is to stop tattoo discrimination in the country. “Through SFT, we want people to be more open- minded about women with tattoos. Gusto naming ipa- appreciate sa mga tao na hindi lahat ng may tattoo ay masama,” she explained. A worthy cause, considering the history of tattooing in the country. Local tribes like the lgorots, the Kalinga and the Ifugao peoples have long been chronicled as having markings on their bodies; the men to signify strength and ranking in the community, the women for beauty and fertility. Even more noteworthy is that, to this day, the most celebrated tattooist in the country is 92-year-old, Whang-Od of the Kalinga tribe who still uses traditional methods to create her ‘art’. Social anthropology professor Analyn V. Salvador- Amores wrote in her dissertation of the Kalinga tattooing ritual, Tapping Ink, Tattooing Identities, “Tattoos as markings can also be seen as remembrances on the skin and a cutaneous ‘archivea repository of stored memories, remembrances and other information. Essentially, tattoos record the biography of the wearer.”

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Playmate Rebecca Boggiano  Miss January

History is about to be made in the following pages. For the first time ever, PLAYBOY Philippines is featuring a foreign Playmate of the Month and we’re more than honored and thrilled to have Rebecca Boggiano as Miss January. The 25-year-old model hailing from Australia is a self-confessed tomboy who enjoys things that giver her a rush of adrenaline and all the thrills. “Day to day I usually don’t wear makeup and I enjoy camping, fishing, motorbike riding, jetskiing,” she revealed in a list that could probably go on forever and would be filled with all the things she’s quoted elsewhere describing as “male-dominated activities”. Her start in modeling, however, was more a lesson in building confidence, less about doing it as a career. “I didn’t actually ever intend to ‘be a model’. I was always very shy when I was younger and lacked a lot of self confidence. Some friends of mine encouraged me to start doing local swimwear competitions to build confidence and through that I made some great contacts and was offered further work,” she said. Before long our doe-eyed beauty with the svelte frame began doing promotional work and joining beauty pageants. Fun fact: almost two years ago, she was a finalist for Miss Universe-Australia where a local write-up described her activities as being unusual for a pageant contender. “I am definitely more of a tomboy than a girly girl but every girl still likes an excuse to dress up and act or be treated like a princess every now and then! I love buying beautiful pageant gowns and cocktail dresses covered in gemstones and sequins and super bling high heels that make me look and feel like a princess! … But at the end of the day when it’s all over, I also love the feeling of taking off my makeup and lashes, putting up my hair, scrubbing off my fake tan, having a hot bath and putting my daggy trackies back on and sneakers and being the real Bec again!” she gushed. And before you ask, ‘daggy trackies’ is Aussie speak for ‘comfy sweats’. Pretty soon, Rebecca would like to return to Manila and Cebu, hopefully, where she would like to go diving with whale sharks. We did mention she was adventurous, right? “I felt and still feel absolutely honoured to have been given the opportunity to shoot with Playboy Philippines … People in the Philippines are the most beautiful, genuine and kind people I have ever come across in my travels around the world. Manila is a great and welcoming city and the islands are just absolutely pristine – clear water, beautiful and secluded beaches and amazing reefs! I think the Philippines is now definitely my favourite holiday and work destination and I will be back very soon,” she promised. That’s one promise we are definitely looking forward to.

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flirty, fun, fearless
Three traits young women of today would like to espouse all wrapped up in a hot, petite package.
0 h, to be young and gorgeous! Twenty-two year-old model and student,Yumi Jo, is enjoying the prime of her life and she’s got the hot bod and the flirty personality to go with it. While she may initially come off as shy, once you get to know her and she warms up to you, she’s got a vivacious personality that just screams fun and friendly. “I went out to a party last night,” she sheepishly revealed to us. “I enjoy the occasional night out pero sa totoo lang, mas nag-e-enjoy ako pag nasa bahay fang,” she added. Yumi got her start in the modeling business primarily because she wanted to be her family’s breadwinner and while you would mostly find her doing car shows and such, she was ready for something a little more risque. The best way to do that? Pose for an iconic men’s magazine,

of course. “I think I was ready to try something new and this opportunity came along and I just couldn’t say no to it,” she said. We’re sure glad that she didn’t have any second thoughts about her shoot because she gave us some really stunning photos. But for all her youth and vigor, Yumi also understands that shoots like these will be fleeting if she doesn’t work hard for it. Eventually, she’d like to go abroad and take up a master’s course. “Business, culinary maybe?” she shrugs, thinking that for now that dream will have to be tabled. We beg to differ. With her feet firmly on the ground, we think Yumi is ready to go places. If any of these photos is an indication of her future, we say, “Don’t stop believing, Yumi. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you.” Prepare to be enamored, gentlemen.

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What do you get when you bring together three of the hottest girls on the planet and let them loose in an auto shop? Apart from a crazy, good time, you need to strap yourself in because you’re in for quite a thrill because Playmates Holly Wolf ,CJ Sparxx, and Playmate to be Rebecca Boggiano, enjoys the rush and thrill of a well-maintained hot rod. Fire up those engines, gentlemen!

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