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 Indira Weis glamour best model germany nude naked bare nu desnudo голо тяло nackt tattoo alasti обнаженный glamour topless fitness alternative models Weis was the second daughter born to her mother Manju, an Indian interpreter and her German father Helmut, a retired grammar school teacher. Her one year older sister works as a flight attendant. She received the nickname “Indira” on a trip to India where she has relatives.

Weis began at the age of five years with piano lessons and guitar lessons. After the Abitur she began a study of the music sciences and American studies. She broke them to take instead theatrical lessons with main focus Song and Dance at the international theatrical school in Munich. There she helped in a Hip Hop tape and started to work as a model. Also she brokeoff the theatrical school after one year and finished a training period in an Internet agency. Last she worked before her application with Popstars as a producer with the Frankfurt radio station Planet Radio.

Recently, after spending more than a year in Israel, Verena made an Orthodox Conversion to Judaism. Her Hebrew name is Shira, meaning “Song” in Hebrew.

Main article: Bro’Sis

In 2001, Weis decided to audition for the second season of the German reality television program Popstars. She entered the competition with thousands of other men and women, and the judges Alex Christensen, Noah Sow and Detlef Soost were impressed with her performance of Usher’s song “You make me wanna”. She earned positions in the Recall and the re-recalls, before travelling to Ibiza, Spain to join her competitors for a workshop there. In the end, Indira Weis made it to the final eight on the show, and during a special episode in November 2001, jury member Soost disclosed that she was chosen to become part of the final group, later called Bro’Sis.

With the final six members of the band in place, Popstars continued tracking the development and struggles of Bro’Sis. However, it took another two months until the band released “I Believe”, produced by Christensen, which would subsequently appear on the band’s debut album Never Forget (Where You Come From). The single and the album became a major success, both peaking at No.1 on the German and Austrian singles, airplay and albums charts, eventually selling more than 1.5 million copies.

In the following years the hype around the band decreased constantly. On August 5, 2002 she received the New Faces Award as a „Trendsetter of the year“.[2]

On May 9, 2003, four days before the band’s second album’s release, Indira Weis announced her departure from the group.[3] Official statements claimed that musical differences between her and the rest of the band had been reason enough for leaving. However, rumours persisted that she had fallen out with her bandmates.

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