Jaclyn Swedberg ZOO Weekly Australia – 9 February 2015

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ZOO Weekly Australia – 9 February 2015 Jaclyn Swedberg. Mr Tiger Blood may draw attention like a Nazi unicorn on crank, but Californian Jaclyn’s in a luscious league of her own.
The 24-year-old’s modelling career was busted wide open in 2011 as she becamePlayboy’s Miss April and then a year later when Hugh Hefner, the world’s randiest walking corpse, chose the Californian as PlaymateoftheYear.
Jaclyn’s said those nude shoots helped her conquer her shyness. She once saw a post on Facebook saying, “Who


them — and we mean the type with paws and wet noses, not bras the size of spinnakers.
Jaclyn may still follow her dream of being a journalist — and if she does, there’s an intern’s role available at ZOO, with the only working chair in the office saved just for her.
In the meantime she’s trying out in stacks of different directions. There was hosting the Playboy Comedy Lounge — after the show she signed a pic for a couple with a baby boy in a stroller, who said the shot was for him. Yeah, sure.
And out in March is her film debut, in the horror flick Muck. Sadly, it has nothing to do with a serial killer attacking the finals of an all-babe mud- wrestling championships — though there is killing, courtesy of an ancient burial ground. Maybe the mud-wrestling will get a run in the sequel. And if she’s in that, bet on Jaclyn to get nominated for a best actress Oscar.

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VIXENLUCY “Sorry, Lucy can’t come to the phone, she’s got her hands full right now. Please leave a massage after the tone, and she’ll call you if you’re lucky.”



Yeah, it was awesome. I had so much fun! Where did the name Betty Bowpeep come from? Betty is my nickname — it’s just something that I’ve been called since high school. Bowpeep is actually what my boyfriend used to call me, as in Woody and Bowpeep out of Toy Story, and then randomly I just put it as my Facebook name and it caught on! We hear you’ve been shot in even less clothing than this… how did that go, and can you send us the pics?
That was not only one of my first shoots but it was my first nude shoot as well! I guess you hear all the horror stories about girls shooting naked, but honestly it was so great and the room was warm so I was comfy [laughs].
So being in your birthday suit agrees with you? It’s quite funny now because I know a lot of mags do strip- downs where you start off clothed and end up naked, and I think when you look through my shots I probably look a little bit more uncomfortable when I’m clothed! The less I’ve got on the more confident I become


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