Jenna Sativa Bunny Connie FAYE & ARACHNIENude Celebrity The Picture – 4 April 2016

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Jenna Sativa will get you off
HER name sounds like a new strain of ELECTRIC CABBAGE, but lezzo porn princess Jenna Sativa is DEADSET a rising young star of smoosh films. Neither lucky enough to be have
tits the size of watermelons, nor reckless enough to fork out her hard-earned buying a set, Jenna has worked with what Zeus gave her to make a big name for herself in the just over 18 months since she first went MOOT-OUT for the camera.



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It’s the chocco egg delivery system
we’ve been waiting for
YA CAN’T knock Easter – you get a couple of extra days off, the footy’s started, and people are chucking choccy eggs and sticky buns at you by the basketful. The main problem is that Easter Bunny character. Dunno about you, but the idea of a man-size rabbit breaking into our house at night gives us the willies. Which is why we’ve employed our own bunny, Phoenix, to do the business with the foil-wrapped
chocolate treats this year. You’ll notice that: ts< She hasn’t got the giant buck teeth 7, The stupid big feet, OR $ The insane whiskers of the traditional Easter rodent. Just a lovely pair of Easter tits, a beaut Easter arse and a cute LW pink Easter smoo. And we told her to forget the eggs this year, and just deliver beer. Sometimes you just have to make a break with tradition.



SUMMER is done and dusted down South. And as the days grow longer, a steady Stream of S ON NGLY HOT backpackers are packing their bags and heading up the East Coast, desperate to get ALL OVER -TANS: Joining them in Byron Bay is ay is rI’m not a backpacker myself,” the CWONKABLE CZECH confesses, “but I always go to backpacker
bars. It’s the best place to find a young guy or girt who is up for sex. No-one has any commitments; they’re looking for a wild time.” Did you come here just for NO-STRINGS SHAGGING? (‘I came for a job in Melbourne but that didn’t work out, so now I’m looking for fun.” Are you interested in ussssiess n was until I realised you find trouble making sex with locals.”

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Nineteen-year-old Faye reckons her mate Arachnie, 23, “has the best round booty”. Name five things you’d like to eat off said booty. Faye: “Fresh fruit, melted chocolate, pizza, fairy floss… Does rolling a joint count?” Arachnie: “Whipped cream, hot fudge, tequila shots with salt, cake frosting and chocolat’ What else would you have in store for Faye’s bum if you had your way with it? Arachnie: “Spanking. She has a banging body. I think her butt and boobs would have to
be my favourite parts?’ Faye: “Arachnie has such silky soft skin. I’d definitely give her bum a good spanking.” WHAT EVERYDAY ACTIVITY DO YOU LIKE DOING NAKED? Faye: “I like cleaning naked and doing the dishes naked. If I could, I would probably just live my whole life naked.” Arachnie: “I do my entire morning routine naked. Breakfast, brushing my teeth, putting on make-up, replying to e-mails. Sounds a little boring, but it’s so freeing and there is no better way to learn to love your body.”