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When did No slarttelish modeling and under Mal circumstances? I started fetish modeling when I came to Los Angeles last year. I did fetishes ranging from baboon popping tot is lactation. I love dressing up, role-play-ing and fulfilling mysterious erotic fantasies.
Whd felishes do pu like? Wha I do you fedshin in your life? I Love cute, soft and clean feet. I love massaging them and kissing and sucking on them.
Why did you ;veto shoot for TABOO? I love shooting kinky, erotic fantasies) They are so hot and fun to shoot, and TABOO shoots extremely sexy women in freaky sets that makes anyone who sees feels certain way. I amso cited for the opportunity to create kinky art that is not afraid to be explicit atex the same time)
Haw sty ever been spanked? Yes, I LOVE being hand spanked and also love spanking others. I like a slow warm-up that leads to an intense spanking. It gets me so turned on I
Wool is the wildesIthing sou hare ever donton orals*? The wildest hog I’ve done on set is masturbate at a villa in Puerto Valleda while a bunch of tourists on jet skis and boats came up to watch! It was crazy and lots of I unl I am so excited to watch the scene when it comes out.
Wird do pa Wok aiming!? I love ass and anal play I love licking and playing with cute buttholes and mak-ing a girl come while fingering her ass or using a pretty glass toy.
Are you mor &Weed in the add fetish modeling or the sex of fetish porn or bah? I love both. Fetish modeling gets me really turned on, and fetish porn is that much more sexy. They go hand in hand, the cherry on top)
Is am anghing else you would like TABOO readers to kw about pa? I would like to thank every TABOO reader for being amazing and for your sup. pod! I love that we have the open heart to embrace our curious minds and ex-perience these thrilling moments together! I love reading all your comments online, so please make sure to tag me alennaSativa.
Are pain a Wish West* partninship?Would pa like to be in mai I em not in a fetish relationship, but I am definitely open to it with the right person.

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When did pa dart fetish modeling and under what circumstances? This is actually my first fetish shoot. I am really excited by it because I like exploring my kinky side and I have not been able to do that proffesionally. I started doing vanilla porn first
What fetishes* pro like? What do yui lefishin in made? I love being tied up. It makes me feel helpless. Of course I have to trust the person to allow them to do that. Trust is the most important thing. But, what I really love the most is piss…any-thing to do with piss.
Wow, is advanced. Have you ow been pissed on ogissed on someone? Both) One time I really had to pee while I was getting lucked. I am kind of a people please, and did not want to interrupt the fucking, but I couldn’t hold it anymore. I was on top, so I just pissed all over him. He was totally shocked, bid I loved it.
Why did you want to slwo t for TABOO? TABOO is a great magazine; I love looking at it. Bye always wanted to model for TABOO, sim-ply because I’m jealous of all the models who have done it. Now I can say I have tool
Hare you ever been spanked? I love being spanked…) have been told I have such a perfectly round little ass that just begs to be spanked. I like it rough, but it has to be the right person. Not everyone is good at spanking
What is the wIdestaing ou have ever done. on cr of sit? The weirdest thing was I let someone pee in my vagina.
Wes if a plPena ON It was a guy. He put my legs over my head and told me to relax and open my pussy hole. He started pissing and kept going even after I was all filled up. He finished and peed all over my bady. I felt completely overpowered by him. That was super hotl
atria Nu think Eau I sal? Anal on me Isn’t my favorite; it might change later in life. But I love the thought of pegging someone else in the ass.
So you miOrt haw same dominant tendencies? Yes. I like to try everything. Sometimes I feel very submissive, I want the other person to take charge. Other times, I want to control the situation, like when I pissed on the guy fucking me.
Are pa mere interesled in the art al fetish modeling or to sex offefish peer or bath? I love how crazy fetish modeling is; it’s almost like playing a different person for me. Role-play. ing just to happens to turn me on.
Are pain a fetish lifestyle partnership? Weald yea like to be in ane? As of right now I am not. But I would love to be in one.

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When did you star t Wish modeling and under what circumstances? I started modeling at the end of June. I find the adult’ ndustry really interest-ing and varied. Fetish modeling is new for me
What fetishes* ou like?Whaf do you fetishin in your life? Muscles and masturbation.
Why did you waritoshodfor TABOO? I like magazine work, and bondage is something I want to do more of, so what is better than TABOO?
Have you ever been spanked? Oh yes ;111 is one of my guilty pleasures. I really the it, especially before sex.
What is the wildest thing you hare ever dont an or of set? I once had sex on a school bus on the way home from school. I did a scene with fames Deen that was really Mid and rough! He is really dominant and knows what to do. I just immediately gave in to anything he wanted.
Have you ever been pissed on or pissed on =me? No, I have not tried pissing on camera. It doesn’t appeal to me.
WINI do frou think ItMona/ set? I am an anal virgin. My asshole is really smelt Someone tried to put their fim ger up there during sex and I made them stop. I was embarrassed by that. I think h is kind of dirty.
Are pu mor e interested in the ad of fetish modeling or the sem/ fetish pr. orhoth? Both!!! Fetish an can be really beautiful and more interesting. I like to expert iment, so fetish is a natural thing for me to try. I am really excited to see how this turns out.
Are pa more submissive or dominant? I want to be more submissive because I like being dominated, especially by older men and authority figures. I used to fantasize about my teachers.
What was ow favorite par fel shoslinglor TABOO? I loved the belts and being in tight bondage. It made me feel vulnerable. I couldn’t pose like I normally do. I felt like it was a more real experience. Having the photos done while in bondage was amazing 🙂 Thank you!

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twitter: Czoey_teylorxxx instagram:Onoeraylorxo
Did you enjoyshontinglor TABOO? Yes, it was a lot of fun. A lot of new experi-ences for me
Have you done fetid; modeling belong I’ve never done a bondage scene before. I have a lithe experience with it in my personal
Waal fetishes do aht Uke?Wha tab you Mister, in your private life? I really Ike being handcuffed and being spanked. I love to be spanked hard.
Waal was your favorite panel the shoot today? I did like the spanking a lot, but I also really liked having the cuffs on my wrists and then being hooked to the ceiling That was new and exciting. I think I really like bondage; I espe-cially like giving up controk having someone else control my body. That is sexy.
Waal appealed loyal, about I doing a TABOO shoal? i just wanted to try something new, do some bondage on camera. I thought Mat would be fun, and it was!
What did the chastitybot t lee I like? It was kind of tight but I liked ill I think it’s boll I like the idea of being controlled, not being able to touch myself.
Could you imagine being in that a couple of days or maybe a month? A month is a really long time…
Have you ererbeenyissed on or pisses on somebody else? No, rye never pissed on anyone or been pissed on. But for one scene, I pissed in a trash can in secret and then I got caught. It was a
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good experience. I liked the scene.
Wit the widest thing ye w hare oar done. on et offset? I’ve been tied to the headboard a few times. I don’t have a flogger, but I have a tassel that acts as a flogger. I like to use the stuff that’s not so typical to use for bondage, like a guy’s tie or something like that.
Wanda put/atlas with?Do haw a bowhiend? Yes, I do have a boyfriend. We definitely do some bondage, try out new things.
Whet do hur dank gad anal sexl flan though we than Ida any tithe thday we fid what& mire gate great bull Thank you. I just started practicing anal sex with my boyfriend, and he’s really good at it. We do It quite often, actually, but I’m still prac-ticing and geeing better at it.
Are you we submissive ordoninant? I’m submissive with men, but I can be a lot more dominant with girls. I tend to be more submissive most of the lime.
So. wnt r e done Wt1/01 scenes below? Oh yes!
What did you bke abaft WrI/Ortscenesthat you’ve done? !really like that I’m in controk and !love it when they look et me. I can see the pleading in their eye. It’s kind of sexy.
Do you have anything you’d like to teU the TABOO readers? I’m f tom Texas…a sweet little Southern girl that likes to gel a little freaky sometimes. LOU

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