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Early life

Carver was born to parents of Italian and German descent in Trier in southwestern Germany. Carver has an older brother. After graduating from secondary school and vocational school, Carver worked as a hotel manager, but later decided to enter the modeling world. Before her fame, Carver worked behind the scenes as a beautician and make-up artist for a large French cosmetic company. Eventually, Carver met an experienced photographer who encouraged her to become a model.[4] She agreed, and by the late 2000s, Carver immigrated to the United States to pursue modeling jobs, settling in Los Angeles, California.


In January 2010, Carver launched her modeling career with her own website featuring glamour photos, videos and other content. In addition to her own exclusive content, Carver began posing for magazine publications in 2011. Carver became successful due to the uncommonly large size of her breasts paired with her otherwise slim figure. In February, Carver posed for British men’s magazine, Zoo Weekly. In June, Carver posed nude for the Italian fetish magazine, Alula. At the same time, Carver was receiving media publicity in her native Germany. Carver was featured in the German Bild magazine, which proclaimed her as “Yoga-Jordan”, due to her yoga workouts.[5] In January 2012, Carver was featured in the American tabloid and entertainment television show TMZ. In late 2012, Carver released a yoga workout DVD that became available in both the United States and Europe.[6] In addition to her features in publications, Carver also appeared on many YouTube videos, and the WGN Morning News in Chicago. In 2013, Carver made her acting debut in the German-American Euro Trash comedy Who Killed Johnny, in which she starred as a naïve German model named Gudrun. From July to August 2013, Carver participated on the German reality show Wild Girls – Auf High Heels durch Afrika (Wild Girls – In High Heels Through Africa), in which she along with other participants lived in the deserts of Namibia with the indigenous people. Carver was voted off the show on 14 August and returned home. As Carver left the African reality show, Bild magazine published a piece that exposed her real name, fake age, secret wedding to her manager David Sebastian, pictures of her before breast augmentation, and her intentions to keep certain details of her life secret and hidden.

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