Kahli MORRİSSON Ryan Mikail NUDE Penthouse Australia – April 2016

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Paulini, Kahli MORRİSSON, Ryan Mikail, NUDE ,Penthouse Australia , April 2016 

Paris, the city of love. That old cliché turned out to be spot on when we hung out with Paulini. Before heading out to enjoy the Parisian nightlife, we spent a bit of time locked up in our hotel room, cooling down and preparing for the night’s offerings. As the sun hung low in the sky and with the Eiffel Tower drawn boldly in the background, we took a few shots of the incredibly seductive Paulini. Paris has seen countless artists and writers attempt to capture her beauty, and that afternoon, she truly was breathtaking.
Photography: Henryk Lobaczewski Model : Paulini

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Kahli Morrison

Traveling sets the soul on fire. It ignites this mysterious instinct which we follow through without knowing the strength or endurance of the wick. A flame is dispersed with these majestic colors; it looms through endless situations that we call journeys. And a present taste of reality hits the tongue as we unlock the powers of love, and lust that wander through our thoughts. We cast spells on our days, scream like children down mountaintops and sing to our astronomy, praying for our moments to last endlessly. — Kahli Morrison
Photography: Mick Jones Model: Kahli Morrison Hair & Beauty: Holly Anderson Sunglasses: Local Supply Bikini/bottoms: Wicked Weasel Tops/hat: Filthy Look Fashion

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Ryan Mikail

first picked up a camera when I was 17. It was a 35 mm Canon, and I was shooting a friend of mine, Maria, sitting barefoot on the fender of an old firetruck. The photo was for my high school art class, and it ended up winning an award at the state level. Seeing how people reacted positively and engaged deeply with my work this way inspired me to pursue photography as a career, and in the decade that followed, I’ve been pursuing this dream constantly. I’m from Miami, and I started shooting a girl who signed Elite soon after we started working together. After a few years of shooting most of the local talent, I moved to New York, and began working with the models there. I like shooting nudes because you don’t have to worry about how a dress will wrinkle, or a clip showing. In order to capture the type of emotional intimacy that I do in these photographs, I need to get to know the girls before we start shooting. I take my time setting up, we’ll go out for coffee beforehand, so that by the time I pick up the camera we’re past the point of getting to know each other. I like to capture a lot of the person and who they are without controlling too much of it. I try to have the girls do what they would do naturally… I like honesty. A lot of these photographs come from situations where there is no pressure—where there is no one to please but the model and myself. In these settings, there is freedom to take risks in terms of positions, compositions and angles. The best images come from the girls who understand what we are creating together.
Who is the hottest woman in the world, and why? For me, a woman’s personality trumps all physical traits. That personal connection is what means the most—someone who is funny and easy to be around will always be sexier to me than someone who just has a nice body. My girlfriend is the hottest woman in the world to me.
What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without? Space. I need mental space for thinking, ideating, and working out creative problems. I also need physical space to move around a lot. If I’m trapped in a room all day I feel heaviness, which keeps me from being productive. I love to be in photo studios before the team arrives and I can imaging what is going to happen, and it can be anything. Open galleries, outdoor spaces, empty warehouses and similar locations are inspiring to me—these types of spaces allow me to declutter my mind and think freely. There’s nothing to distract one in those spaces. They are like a visual and mental blank canvas. Your mind can go anywhere because there is nothing to focus on. For me, these spaces are necessary for creativity. The mind needs to be free to wander.
What’s a photography trend that irritates you? There are two things that are currently happening in the photography world that I find disheartening. One is photographers who get hired for jobs based on social media followers and not their actual talent. This is generating a lot of bad work and also lowers the value of photography, as it undermines the really beautiful artwork that true artists are creating, and discourages them from taking their place in the world of photography. Another major issue is how common it has become for artists’ work to be reproduced without credit. Our current

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