Karen Carreno Sexy Lingerie Colombian Model Beauty & Marlin – December 2016

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Karen Carreno ,Sexy, Lingeria,Beauty & Marlin, December 2016   Karen Carreno will melt your entire face off! Wow, wow and wow… I’m pretty sure you’re going to love us for this post. Here’s one of the most underrated and one of the sexiest models on the face of the planet right now, Colombian super hottie Karen Carreno, showing off her perfect little body and teasing the living hell out of us while posing in some of the sexiest lingerie I’ve seen lately, from Oh La La Cheri.
Sigh.. I don’t know about you guys, but these photos have already become my favorite shots with Karen, and they’re also making me feel weak at the knees like there’s no tomorrow, so I’ll probably cut this one pretty short. I’ve said it before and I’ll just say it again: this girl has the right curves in all the right places to make you go gaga and these pics are probably the perfect proof as to why I say that.

Props to the guys from Oh La La Cheri for picking this peach to model for them because Karen Carreno in their lingerie is definitely a mix made in heaven. Enjoy and.. try not to drool all over yourselves, ok? 

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