Katia Martin Angel Kriel Rualize Van Rensburg Michaela Schafer Playboy South Africa – November – December 2015

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Katia Martin, Angel Kriel, Rualize Van Rensburg , Michaela Schafer,  Playboy, South Africa,  November , December, 2015  cover model, Katia Martin, lives in Paris, France but travelled to Austria for this special photoshoot with Martin Wieland. The petite 22-year-old adores her home, which some call the City of Love, and takes advantage of all it has to offer. Asked about the craziest place she’s ever had a sexual rendevous, she purrs, “The most exciting place I’ve ever had sex is in the — how you say — ascenseur. You know, the elevator!” Besides modelling, she also loves fast cars and classic cinema. Katia’s other passion is studying French cooking and she hopes to become a Michelin-starred chef some day with her own restaurant. We think we’d love what ever’s cooking in that kitchen.

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