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fetish model, fetish, latex, rubber, gummi, fetish modeling, alternative, alternative modeling, alternative model, fashion, latex fashion, high heels, corsets, ballet heels nude naked new pictures I’m not “a model”, I just like doing photoshoots…among many other things.
In daily life I am a curious and introvert girl. I love to spend my time reading, learning new things, playing violin, cooking, baking cakes, drinking lots of tea, crochetting, sewing, watching asmr videos, making long walks or bikerides outside in the nature, and spending too much time in front of my computer.I am a night owl and think the night is the best part of the day.I love silence, and I love very loud music.I am a real Scorpio.
In september 2012 I graduated as a Master of Science in Criminology with an additional degree in psychosocial help, and before that I graduated in IT. I also graduated in music academy as classic violinist and spent a little more than 10 years in dance academy as a jazz dancerAs a child I always wanted to be an archeologist or an astronaut. It turned out differently, but I guess it’s never too late haha 🙂
My biggest loves are music, adventure, animals, books, shoes, traveling, good food and wines…
…and kinky stuff…like bdsm, latex, high heels and so. And that’s where the whole “modeling” part comes in.
I found out quite early that I love shiny tight clothes, and high heels. I also very much love to experiment.
Doing photoshoots allows me to express and enjoy this other part of me.It’s just plain awesome to dress up and create something nice together with a photographer or even with a whole team.
I am able to have versatile looks and very much like to experiment. I’m specialized in latex, alternative and corsets, and doing so since 2006.Latex shooting is my favorite kind of shooting as well as heavy rubber, corsets, high heels, fashion and alternative.
I am internationally published in several magazines and on flyers, artwork, catalogue and much more.
In everything I do I try to evolve and improve myself.Recently I started to get more into making my own latex clothes, hairstylism, photoshop retouch and editing, and even photography.So I guess you’ll see much more of me in the future!

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