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KENNA JAMES NUDE IN PLAYFUL KINK PLAYBOYGIRL  Cybergirl Kenna James gets more than a little kinky in this erotic set from photographer Allen Henson. In nothing but a few little bits of lingerie, Kenna marches herself straight to the bedroom, more than ready to get down to business. On the surface, she may look like the sweet girl next door—blonde hair, a sly smile but not-so-deep down, she’s a total sex kitten. For me, sex starts in the brain, says Kenna. Physically, I’m not picky—any guy who connects with me has a chance with me. Now that she’s got your attention, Miss James doesn’t hesitate to get things going—in no time flat, she’s got us worshipping the ground she walks on, not to mention the sheets she lies on. Sexually, I like a guy who isn’t selfish in bed, she teases. It’s all about what you do, not what you have. Big doesn’t mean better, not by a long shot. Go all night long with the incomparable Kenna James, right here on Playboy Plus.

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