Klaudia Stec VICTORIA Champel nude CKM – March 2016

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Klaudia Stec, VICTORIA Champel,nude,CKM , March 2016 

WARSAW STAR Klaudia Stec
Klaudia Stec, the heroine of the record-breaking popularity of the “Warsaw Shore” on MTV, is a typical home-bird. He likes cooking, likes cleaning – and also likes sex

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Victoria is 19 years old, but he already knows that sex is better than shopping at the mall

CKM: Who Are You? VICTORIA Champel: first year student of cosmetology, semi-finalist of Miss Polish Nastola-tek 2014 and Queen Size Bikini-Polish 2014. The person standing firmly on the ground and niespędzającą life dreams – nawettjeśl and in the morning I have difficulty waking up …
CKM: What do you like nąjbardziqj? W.CH .: Eat, exercise in the gym and have sex! ‘Lb is even better than shopping at the mall.
CKM: What turns you on? W.CH .: Sexy lingerie. I love all these cutouts and lace.

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