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Beth Lily

IT WAS barely 9.30 in the morn when our editor cried, “We’re going with Beth Lily!” prompting us scumbag writers to finish our breakfast beers, do some work and research the busty newcomer. Fast forward two hours and we’d only gotten as far as staring lovingly at her boozzies. Great tits do wonders for productivity. Anyhoo…after a long liquid lunch we got balls-deep into Beth (so to speak) and discovered that the Essex stunna possesses 32G whoppers. And at only 19 years of age — she’s 20 next month — there’s room for further growth! Not that she’s thrilled about leaving teenhood. She told her near-120K horny followers on Instagram: “Going to be 20 in April (sad face).” Fuck! At 20 we were still in high school trying our bestest to finish Year 10. Beth’s accomplished way more in her first year of Page 3 stardom. “I really enjoy modelling — it’s so much fun,” Beth said after ►

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Our Model Cits are walking works of art!
THE most exciting thing about meeting a sexy inked babe is sitting down with her over 10 cocktails and asking her the important questions: “Why? When? Where?”…and “Will you please shut up so we can admire your beaut bod?” Actually, that last one’s a tad rude, so we’ll avoid it. Anyhoo, here’s what they told us about tatts!

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war Inked-up porn stars go pants down!
EVER since we first drew on our arms with texta as little tackers, we’ve been fans of body art. Now that we’re mature adults (allegedly), we like to combine this interest with our other big passion in life – XXX actresses.

Because if there’s one thing that can make a big-boobed, big-lipped, nastyas-she wants to be porn babe look EVEN FUCKIN’ HOTTER, it’s some quality ink. So get ready for six pages of tatas, twats, tushies and kickarse tattoos!

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Lucky DIP Kleio Valentien’s

WETTER is definitely better when it comes to Texan alt-porn princess Kleio Valentien’s pouring PANTY JUICES. The 30-year-old former church-going farm gal gushes like a geyser when she’s sexually excited. So let’s get her EXCITED!
WHAT do you love most about being a squirting siren? “I love making a mess and ruining bedding! I love the look on a guy’s face when I EXPLODE all over him! And I have such an intense orgasm when a guy or girl makes me squirt.” We bring an umbrella to all your movies! Where do you like a bloke to shoot his load? “It depends on the situation. Say, if I’m

banging someone in the bathroom of a bar, I’d want them to cum in my mouth, but if I don’t have to be presentable after, I really don’t care where he cums.” Is rooting in bars and bathrooms something you do often? “Let’s just say I’ve done it before! In my old bartending job, when things got

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Come fly wit tears off her uniform
PERTH stripper Danni is a stunning free spirit with an adventurous soul. What else would you expect from a former air hostess whose interests include exhibitionism and GROUP SEX!
AS MUCH as we love a woman in uniform, it’s even better seeing you OUT of uniform, Danni! “I LOVE being naked – there’s nothing better than running round feeling free and happy.” YOU’RE a sexy, confident gal and we love it! “I’m proud of my body and open about my sexuality.” Give us a wicked example. “One of the naughtier things I did was a foursome with my guy mate and two random girls we met at a nightclub. Back at theirs we ended up ignoring him and playing with each other.” ►

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Bonnie Rotten

MOTHERHOOD is possibly the coolest thing in the world — not quite as cool as running over Justin Bieber on a ride-on tractor, but close. However, it can lead to sacrifices and in the case of porn star Bonnie Rotten it’s led to her decision to QUIT THE JIZ BIZ. She told Vice mag last month that she couldn’t juggle being a mum and appearing in X-rated fillums. “I’m a very all-in person,” she explained. “I’m either going to be all-in as a performer or all-in as a mother. I can’t do both.” Which is fantastic for Bonnie’s baby, but makes her millions of fans VERY SAD. No more will we see the heavily inked hottie sucking and fucking peen with abandon. And no longer will we hear her say cool shit like, “I get off getting drilled in the ass.” Yep, we’ll miss Bonnie and her crazy tatts, which she started acquiring when she was 13! “For my first tattoo. I chose the zombie on my stomach from Night Of The Living Dead: The Beginning comic book,” she told Inked mag. Since then she’s had a bunch of horror-themed tatts done, including creepy spider webs round her nips, a zombiefied version of herself and “Camp Blud” on her knuckles as a tribute to Friday The 13th. We wonder if the next illo she’ll acquire will be a pic of her bub’s face? If so, where will she find the space for it on her bod? She may have left porn, but don’t worry about Bon’s ability to make coin. She plans to do some stripping later this year and also part-owns a sex toy company. As for being a mother, “It’s the weirdest feeling in the world, but it’s the best feeling in the world.” We dunno about that, Bonnie. We reckon hearing Biebs go squish beneath our tractor’s wheels would
Name: Bonnie Rotten Age: 22 From: Cincinnati, Ohio What’s the guts? Enjoy this shoot, fellas, ‘cos it may well be Bonnie’s last now she’s a proud mum of a new baby. The porn world’s loss is motherhood’s gain, we guess.

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