Kristen DeLuca Julieth Roman Yuli Bake topless Lifestyle for Men – Issue 29 2015

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 Yuli Bake The secret’s out of the bag, or maybe it never truly was in to begin with. Anyways, we have a serious penchant for Aussie hotties — always have and always will. Another Australian born and bred beauty is none other than Yuli Baker. Sporting an exotic ancestral mix of Chinese-Malay, Japanese, and Korean, this astonishing Asian bears a look uniquely her own.

Julieth Roman Even from her early childhood years growing up in Medellin, Columbia, luscious Latina, Julieth Roman knew she was destined for a life in front of the camera. Having already fulfilled her dreams and then some, the now Bogota-based stunner lives her life as an accomplished model and seasoned TV presenter. First gaining exposure in beauty contests, Julieth soon turned her attention to modeling, where she was eventually approached by the CEO of a program called “TV Models” to become the shows new moderator.

Kristen DeLuca  bona fide Hollywood starlet, the radiant Kristen DeLuca spent many years dazzling audiences and captivating cameras as a blossoming toddler growing up in Brunswick, Ohio. As a highly competitive gymnast, cheerleader, dancer, and beauty pageant contestant, the sensuous brunette seemingly paved the way while readying herself for life’s true calling. Upon graduating with a BS in Criminology — Cum Laude, no less —Kristen packed her things and made the life-changing move to Los Angeles while in hot pursuit of showbiz fame. Realizing her dream shortly thereafter is a modest understatement, to say the least.

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