Lepa Dinis (彫霊波 tattoo best models UK

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Official Artist page of Lepa Dinis.(Model/Artist from London) For More extensive pics/posts please subscribe to my Personal profile page:https://www.facebook.com/LepaDinis
I am currently tattooing at the Ink Lounge in north london, I am appointment based only. To book an appointment with me for your tattoo or arrange a shoot please email me lepadinis@hotmail.com (serious enquiries only please)
If you are going share any of my images on the web (Sharing purposes only, Strictly no adverts) I just ask that you please be respectful and write credits in the description of my artist page. Thank you in advance for sharing! ♥ヽ(*´∀`179354_297072537059348_530206856_n 283248_580777351934570_357937320_n 297698_1887703090691_203155895_n 378049_202663533156414_385535395_n 404429_199859463436821_2015392987_n 531843_279495945464739_1077217756_n 541713_414889018549893_122063133_n 558811_291382870961648_272376724_n 644241_307783425988259_2139156668_n 734735_385479598208139_303781442_n 7642113594_06b4460ae5_z 7788811546_ca15966bfa close___by_lepa_dinis-d4n6ed4 images (1) images (2)    images (7) images (8)  indir lepa-dinis-1-a3c4a3b1-sz800x532-animate lipa3 out_of_the_cocoon_by_lepa_dinis-d375v2g photography_by_ashley_________by_lepa_dinis-d365i7u 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 97788810362_d8f1818ff7_z