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The model, singer , actress and radio host Leslie Ann Shaw Thays , was born in Lima , capital of Peru , on 27 February 1989.
At just 16 years old, Leslie participates in the singing reality show Superstar, getting second place , thanks to its image this competition attracts the attention of several companies that request as an advertising model.

Initially dedicated himself to singing and interpretation in 2008 is part of the Glow Peruvian pop group , recording an album and retiring shortly after .
Shaw launches solo in 2010 as a producer taking Murias Francisco , and can record his first album entitled Destroy without control, plus two videos making the same album for MTV Latin America .

His talent led her to represent Peru in the international category in the Viña del Mar Festival 2011, getting second place after three presentations. Once in Lima, Lima was the opening act Pop Festival, where they were Shakira, Train and Ziggy Marley.

Leslie has also managed to excel in dancing and so in May 2011 participates in the dance show The Big Show , taking second place winner . While participating in this program , debuted as an actress in the youth play music Carmine alongside Diego Bertie.

In late November of the same year she released her lying issue and in February the following year , shooting 68 Rocanrol , film directing Gonzalo Benavente, where the girl plays a salesgirl in a music store starts. The film was set in the summer of 1968 in Lima.

From April to December 2012 was radial conductive Holy Sinner Studio 92 program , and launch their new single you’ll see me not mourn .

In May of the same year opened the concert of Ali Campbell, former lead singer of UB40 , held in Lima.

Away for a time of music and song, Leslie wishes become better known as an actress and so agrees to be part of the cast of the horror film called Peruvian General Cemetery , which was shot in January 2012 in Iquitos.

In 2013 he returned as a singer is expected , as it has announced its second album , which features production again with Murias Francisco .

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