Lily Aldridge nude Lui France No.25 – March 2016

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Lily Aldridge ,Lorelle ,Bacchanale, Fabienne ,nude ,Lui France, No.25 , March 2016 It is an France magazine with an international dimension, funny, attractive and informative. A mind-blowing and innovative editorial treatment that honors the great report, the glamorous and sexy phоtо and quirky humor.

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Fabienne is from Amsterdam. She currently lives with a Pomeranian spitz and loves wearing just a pair of socks, because a nothing dresses. “This is the first time I undress in front of a photographer. In fact, it does not have any problem. And besides Him magazine is really, really so CLUC! (No Fabienne were harmed during this interview, ed.) Anyway, if you accept you as you are, nudity becomes something completely natural. We are all the same facts after all! I fell one day a poem: Man is the only animal whose nudity offends his peers. I do not know who that is, but it’s true. We are modest because basically, being naked is let others enter our spirit, our soul, our fears, our hopes. Look, you can see my tattoos, for example. But whatever! You know, I was fortunate to grow up in a very … free family! We could all walk around the house completely naked, without there being any discomfort, no feeling unhealthy. And I’m very lucky because I’m sure that my family does not disapprove. They always encourage me. “We also encourage Fabienne.

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