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Lu Ferreira  PAPARAZZO MYSTERIOUS – PLAYBOY Brazil DECEMBER 2015  Lu Ferreira, the Paparazzo Mysterious is the cover and filling of Playboy in December. The photographer, who is accustomed to reveal the intimacy of celebrities, shows all her sensuality in bold clicks.

Lights, Camera … Hard! No more mystery! The mask (and all linen) fell. Get to know the true identity of the mysterious and sexy blonde who graces the latest issue of Playboy magazine in Brazil.

Elah is Lu Ferreira, Rio Grande do Sul, foreign trade student, who just turned 24 years old and loves to play with men’s libido. “Living the Mystery Paparazzo I feel powerful, adrenaline goes up, I can do whatever I want because no one will know who I am really. Only Playboy readers will I now know my true identity! “The invitation to pose nude also aroused the fantasies of the girl. “I saw all the trials and Auntie Witch before shooting. My mission was to test my stay as good as theirs. I think I succeeded. “Bold, provocative, mysterious, all that the paparazzo is. Check out the full test:

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