Lucifera Infernal Goddess attractive alternative fashion Model UK

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nude naked bare Oh Milk white flesh and raven tress: Lucifera has been a fetish and heavy metal model for over a decade, modeling for Bands she has modeled for: Dimmu Borgir, Danzig, Thus Defiled, Gorerotted, Immolith,Abgott, Unchrist and many more. she was one of the original Satanic Sluts and appears in their book Blood & DIShmour. Current interests are Fetish, Latex, skin two, rubber, latex catsuits, leather, agent provocateur, extreme corsets, hourglass figures,tattoos, nylons, stockings, highheels, boots, tudor, pre raphaelite, medieval, lord of the rings, game of thrones, black metal, death metal, doom metal, heavy metal, old school, thrash, biker, BDSM, role play,foot fetish, domination, goddess worship, 70s retro fashion, boho fashion, hammer horror, corpse paint, hoods, pin up, glamour, skulls and all things dead, black metal chicks, Monica Bellucci, Aria Giovanni, Bianca Beauchamp, Gong Li, dungeons, Nordic forests, Satanism, Oddinism, Vikings, Swords, Military fetish, extreme rubber, kink, femdom and much much more10347_534963853216099_951408612_n 10639_539926889386462_1136640884_n 64432_559232680789216_1124379678_n 64720_549145838464567_1241272013_n 529168_566894893356328_1804789168_n 536675_546331778745973_1078385297_n 554166_572312116147939_1333933185_n 599340_572165842829233_679094899_n 970470_569177923128025_1136086825_n 993688_552359601476524_1744953576_n994172_531224970256654_734384214_n 995465_558829024162915_228189417_n 1002195_551980811514403_418210073_n 1012345_530974696948348_278154931_n 1016807_531026260276525_247168690_n 1070106_543791622333322_457958802_n 1146580_549715601740924_1465703197_n 1175235_561216137257537_1613294976_n 1175739_554969517882199_1656324477_n 1176389_555818604463957_2039029678_n1209139_573017512744066_1507184774_n 1236016_563957986983352_807087423_n 1238271_571557092890108_144820568_n 1382372_572559379456546_1614530500_n 1384112_573186336060517_832689049_n 9999999999999999999999923038_586893761356441_287773134_n