Marie Ange Nude Lui magazine France April 2016

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Marie Ange, Nude, Lui, magazine, France, April 2016

Few magazines can boast of having a bare siblings. In December 2014, Laetitia Casta posing nude in a gift box coverage of the highly refined object that you now hold in your hands. Today we are pleased to present Marie-Ange, the youngest, who takes a shower without his clothes (the two sisters have an older brother, Jean-Baptiste, a certainly be delicious but we do not want to discover the anatomy, we hope it does not take offense). Marie-Ange Casta, so. A blank lined with a celestial being, the embodiment of holiness struck with a genetic blessing. 25 years. Actress. Mannequin. A child. And Corsican origins listed as a warning: “We Corsicans, we have a strong personality. We are proud, and we assume. “It does not laugh on the Island of Beauty. This year we will see in the next film by Edouard Baer, ​​the Open nuz’t, in the role of a starlet desperate to fame: “I am the opposite of that, warns Marie-Ange. I’m not afraid of anonymity, I will not put my ego in there. Cinema, I like shoving me. I am passionate, full What plaft me is to smear me And I do not play seductive. It does not interest me êtrejolie on the screen. “A failure on the line.

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