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 Melissa DEBLING
Pommy sex bomb Melissa Debling and her F-cup pillows did a lot of crap jobs before she became a glamour model. Not as crap as being Charlie Sheen’s maid, but still pretty bad…
First she worked in a fish and chip shop — and that meant she was exposed to more grease than Hamburglar. “I used to stink!” she laughs.
Then she had a role as a receptionist, which thrilled her so much she frequently went to sleep at the desk and used to bugger off to the dunny for an hour at a time.
But it wasn’t until she was in telesales being crap at flogging ink for franking machines that her big break came: she got fired!
A mate suggested she send in her pics to magazines, and now she regularly works for ZOO, national newspapers in the UK, has her own website and appears on cable TV in the shows your grandma’s unlikely to watch.
The odd free peek gets thrown in, though: “White bikinis are evil! I was on holiday a while ago and I emerged from the sea leaving nothing to the imagination!”

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Nicole King…

Think Lara Bingle’s the hottest chick in her family

’day, Nicole. What
do you do for a crust?
I’m a waitress at a fancy
five-star lounge. We
get a whole bunch of
different customers,
but it’s mostly
older people and
ale customers at your work try to hit on you? Yes[laughs]. It’s fun when they’re attractive, but otherwise I’m like, “Yeah, nah, you’re a little bit old for me.”
How do you get rid of them? I just use the whole “I’m not allowed to because of work” rule, but when they’re attractive I tell them to come back later when I’m not working!
Where would we find you on a night off?
I’m such a grandma! I don’t go out because I’m so used to working! I’d probably be at home watching movies and eating[laughs]. What would a big night out for you involve?
Obviously drinking with the girls before I go out. I usually go out in Broadbeach — I hardly ever go out in Surfers. We just pretty much drink shots, go in booths and get bottles.
What’s the wildest night out you’ve ever had?
A random night out that we had in Sydney. We were at Marquee and there was a group of these guys from America and they were some sort of performers, and we ended up being in their booth until 6am. Then we went back to their hotel.
What made you want to model for ZOO?
I’ve modelled for ZOO before, ages ago when I was 19! I’ve always read ZOO and the girls are always hot so I’m like, “If they want me that means I’m hot!” [laughs].
Do you have a crush on any particular glamour models? Yes, I have a massive crush on Pia Muehlenbeck. She does a lot of modelling for Showpo. She’s so hot! She’s tanned with brown hair and she just has perfect teeth, perfect boobs and perfect skin — she’s amazing! Can you tell us about your tatts? I have so many! I have a Playboy

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