MISS FLOWER BOMB Sami Ryann naked Fuse Magazine – Volume 23, 2016

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MISS FLOWER BOMB, Sami Ryann, Marina Pamo,Lauren Luongo ,naked ,Fuse Magazine, Volume 23, 2016

Sometimes I feel like I am living two lives, registered nurse by day and sexy lingerie model by night. Two years ago I guess you can say I got my big break. Someone at my gym asked me to model. I decided to give it a try. I think because my job is so serious and we have to always be professional and by the book that when I get in front of the camera lens I am allowed to express myself in a different way. I use my alias as flower bomb so my patients don’t google me (it has happened in the past). When I am not saving lives or prancing around in front of a camera in my intimates you can find me at the gym or in my apartment painting. I have a passion for art and am a working artist, I paint with acrylics. Born and raised in New Jersey but currently living at the beach in Brooklyn.
I love to live in New York, something about this city is so special. It truly is the city that never sleeps. When I book a shoot I love to discuss the type of shoot with the photographer because everyone has a different style in how they create. I love to work in a studio but I am a show off, I will drive to a location and undress and do whatever it takes to get that amazing shot. Living in NYC has such a different vibe, you can shoot at any time of the day or night. I think I do some of my best work outside. The weather in NYC is getting warmer and I am super excited about what 2016 has to offer.
You can find out more about Miss Flower Bomb by searching for her on IG @ flowerbomb

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Marina Pamo

Californain beauty Marina Pamo, encompassing countless redeeming qualities, is more than just your average gorgeous face. Born in Russia, she grew up in many different republics of the former USSR, allowing her to be culturally advanced and creating her zest for world travel. Now, Los Angeles has been her home for over 15 years.
A global socialite and first class globetrotter, Marina’s grace has shed over places as distant as London, Monaco, Paris, Dubai and many others. Marina enjoys meeting people of different walks of life and cultures.
Modeling has been her passion all her life. She loves “seducing the camera” as she would like to say. Her
wondrously elegant and sexy style can be seen on the red carpet of many prestigious fashion and celebrity events.
Marina is always interested in getting to know more about world. Her eager for knowledge helped her achieve her MBA and many other degrees in different areas of life. With a heart almost as large as her vibrant personality, Marina is a strong proprietor of kindness and loving. She loves supporting many charitable organizations.
On a casual Friday night, if Marina is not at a glamorous Beverly Hills hotel and dinner, one may find her at home enjoying a drink and a comedy movie with her loving Bengal cat Tiger.

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Lauren Luongo

, a nineteen year old model from Connecticut, started her modeling career 5 years ago during her sophomore year of high school. Lauren paid her dues in the industry doing the traditional TF shoots, however, she selected/accepted her photographer requests very carefully from day one to ensure that her portfolio contained quality images, variety, and that the photos demonstrated undeniable skill and talent. It wasn’t long before the TF shoots developed into paid work and opportunities, as well as a number of publications.
Coupled with her social media omnipresence and huge following, Lauren is poised for a multimedia blitz that will propel her career to the next level. Aside from Lauren’s love of modeling, Lauren is an avid dancer, enjoys cooking, and meeting new people. Lauren values family and education above all, and she wants to be viewed as beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. Lauren works tirelessly to produce quality images and to improve her craft. Lauren clearly demonstrates that hard work can, and does pay off!

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